what a good snow fall, night with friends, fresh flowers, and late night talks can do for a weepy soul


my, oh my, how lovely you all are. what do you say we all move in on the same block so i can see your generous faces every day? i think it's a great idea.

i had some good ol'-fashion-cry-those-soft-but-deep-tears sessions over the past couple of days. and quite a good dose of laughing too. you were right--lots of upheaval going on around here as everything is new, new, new {except for our 1960s house that simultaneously charms while i bump my head constantly on the copper range hood...looks pretty, but doesn't always function ideally}.

i kept quiet for a while...waiting to make sure i knew a bit more about my discomfort...because, really, who likes to flip out about something when it's really not the something that's truly bothering you? so, quiet was my mood.

then it all came out...of course, ceej, was the first to bear it...and he bore it well. hugs and kisses and all sorts of encouragement. there. better.

next was a night out with friends. homemade pasta at a local fave restaurant and getting to know our knew korean friends who were in town for the weekend. best part of the evening: deciding to take the koreans out to our fave gelato joint {it was a long shot, as i know most koreans despise that dairy food-group...but there's always sorbetto, right?}. turns out gelato was the right choice...only because korea's "brad pitt" was there {lee byung hun}...our korean lady friend has probably never been so giddy since middle-school days. we pushed her, and giggled, and whispered until our gentleman korean friend took action and asked if we he would kindly take a photo with us. the crowds of the sundance film festival were worth it.

late last night i kept ceej awake as i analyzed something i realized about for reasons galore i tend to belittle my know, i like to say things like, "oh, it really wasn't that hard," or "it was just luck"...and then before you know it you don't think so highly of yourself. so you talk about it, get it out, and get to work the next day. love how a good talk can erase years of crazy thinking.

saturday morning comes lovely as it always to the bakery i went to find some fresh baked bread and a cake for sisters' birthday party tomorrow. i got real and decided i was buying some of the food rather than making every bite from scratch because there's still towers of boxes around my house and we need to get some serious work done if our celebrated guests are to have anywhere to sit.

oh, and i picked up some flowers for myself. my hands were oh so excited to be trimming the stems, rinsing the fresh dirt off, and placing them in simple glass vases. what flowers can do for the heart! wonders, i tell you, wonders.

this just gets better. had one of those wonderfully long conversations with my mom...the conversation where you figure out how to make everyone happy and how to make today better than yesterday. we talked about music...and how we can't live without listening to bach makes us feel clean and good and ready to do some serious good in small and simple ways. and then we laughed at the funny people in this world who know how to show us how absurd we can be.

i'm feeling wonderful...though everything else seems to be going absolutely wrong today. but, today, instead of crying, i am laughing at it all.


the wild magnolia said...

Aren't new days outrageously splendid!

You have a loving support system.

I'm new to your blog, beauty is here, in photographs, words and sharing. You are an honest blogger.

Wishing you a special weekend.


Cassie said...

Sometimes melancholy is made sweet by the "coming back to ourselves" that happens after. Glad you had some simple moments to bring joy back...

the wild magnolia said...

I swung back by to look around a bit, and oh my, what fun. There is so much more here and interesting subjects food, trees, happy to be a woman, friends blogs, photography, and I'm not through yet.

Good creative work and fun for the blog friends.

I need to figure out how you added the things in your sidebar and still maintained only one blog. I have two, and ideas for other things but did not want to start another blog.

It will be interesting and fun to see life from your perspective.

So glad to find you.

blessings, sandi

beth said...

oh, a new day....what a feeling !

and so many wonderful things happened.....

happy weekend !

Unknown said...

So glad the sun is out for you again. Sometimes we all just need some cossetting, time of quiet to recuperate, to settle back into a calm rythm again. xx

Anonymous said...

ahhh, I loved your post..
So.. you figure out which block?

have a truly brilliant week!

Unknown said...

Hi, awesome cool amazing photos all over your blog! Will you post images of your copper range hood? I'd love to see it :D

ali said...

So nice to read this, Ann. I've had my own bouts of loneliness/frustration/whatever you want to call it lately. I should have thought to buy myself some flowers!