how my picture window and i are quickly falling in love


with all the whirling of settling in a new place,
starting new jobs, learning to play the violin,
beginning piano lessons again, and taking on
the spanish language
i am quickly finding out how much my little picture window
has to offer much beauty...and so much peace.

when i feel my brain start to overflow with
to-do lists, i wander into our living room
and sit myself down on the sofa
(usually with some hot spiced milk)
and i watch the sky change...just as celia jane
used to do out her picture window.

i love it most when there are snowflakes falling
steadily and quietly...hushing my thoughts
and slowing my heart.

i love it too when blue skies reign
and the sun makes rain of the snow on
my roof.

here, i sit and watch the beauties of january,
the snowy and the sunny...the bitter cold,
and the cozy warm.

i think i'll go there now...


Frangipan said...

it's absolutely gorgeous, I'm not surprised that it inspired.

Frangipan said...

I've just had a little explore of your blog and I love it, so whimsical and sunny!

the wild magnolia said...

The picture window are beautiful, I see how the peace of snow, gives you rest.

You certainly have your plate full. Better busy than bored. :)

I enjoy your sharing and my visits.


Char said...

beautiful beautiful views

Netti said...

Oh how pretty!!! I love picture windows, I am so happy that you have one in your very own house!

Taylor Ashley said...

oh my ! those pictures are beautiful!! i forgot its still snowing ! its practically spring for me! now im missing the snow and its beauty! wow so pretty! sounds like your taking full advantage of it[:[:

ilwen said...

That's perfectly beautiful.
We don't have a window as lovely as that but from the bedroom I can watch the wind in the branches of the birchtree (one of our closest friends) and in spring and summer we can watch the woodpecker (another friend) building his home.
In summers I like to sit on the balcony or in the living room and watch the little blue and great tits on the chestnut tree outside. I feel it's not only what you actually see that creates the magic but what you imagine, too. :)

Cobalt Violet said...

Wow! Beautiful ... beautiful words and ... brrrr! Stay cozy!

Person-who-is-not-sure-who-they-are said...

oh. my. gosh. is that from your window? if it is, you're soooooo lucky! where I live we dont get ANY snow.

Color Me Green said...

wow is that where you live? so pretty. thanks for stopping by my blog, it was a nice reminder to catch up on your pretty words and photography.