if i asked you to sign a petition, join a voting block, write a letter, or make a phone call...would you do it?


all of us have causes. all of us have concerns. some dedicate their lives to helping refugees and the homeless. others dedicate their lives and efforts to education and health. can you guess what my cause is? it's the land. it's wilderness. it's mother earth. she is my passion. she is my heart. she can make me laugh. she can make me sigh for days at a time. she can teach me many mysteries. she is not mine. she is her own. if we harm her too much, she will return with a vengeance.

a real-life story. happened last night. ceej and i happily found out that we could view ken burn's documentary on america's national parks via the world wide web (since we are sans tv). the first episode. john muir. we need another john muir to sing the song of the beauty and the importance of wilderness. we are in desperate need of an elegant, passionate, knowledgeable spokesperson for wilderness. after we watched that first episode i was oh so grateful for people willing to fight for the land...which in the end has saved us all. i also cried. because i have not done enough. this is my love, but i have neglected it. resolved to return to my efforts like never before.

this morning full of anxiety. watching a congressional hearing concerning "america's red rock wilderness act." this wonderful act, if passed, would protect 9 million acres of beautiful and important land as "wilderness." i listen to utah senators and other utah elected officials...words are flying out of my mouth: "liar," "manipulative," and "corrupt." my knees are bouncing with anxiety. then, an angel. a representative from another state talks about how much utahns, not elected officials, support this wilderness bill. he tells the truth. he says what the people of utah have said. we want wilderness protected. i have a moment of hope. but, senator hatch and senator bennett then give false information, and twist things to fit their wallets. they talk about how land could help fund education if we don't protect it...since when do they care about education? when the state had a $1billion surplus, the people of utah wanted that money to go to education...well, our reps ignored the people, as usual, and put the money elsewhere--in their pockets and their friends' pockets. they yell and raise their voices to try to prove they are right. breaks. my. heart.

anyway, yes, i'm venting. not very "professional." but, i write all of this because i want to know if my utah friends would take a few moments to call their representatives to tell them they support bill HR 1925 (america's red rock wilderness act). in saying that, know that i will support you and your causes. i know we cannot take on every cause there is. each of us has our passion. i will do what i can to help you. you help me. a community of friends, yes?

i tried to keep this short. wanted to rant more, but realize no one really cares for ranting. thanks for indulging my anxious heart.

photo by cj. harris utah. 2008.


ZLB said...

just called. just told ol' chaffetz where i stand and that i wished he'd stand there too. thanks for the info! you rock!

Netti said...

Mr. Chaffetz has been contacted by me too! Fingers crossed about this act!

amy said...

I called Rob Bishop. I spoke with a secretary. Hope he hears about my call. I'll email him, too. I hope this bill passes, Ann. I can't believe the lies you are describing. Education. Amazing.

Now, please tell everyone pregnant with a boy not to circumcise--good luck. It's not always an easy message to spread :)

amy said...

Emailed. Check.

Ann Marie said...

love you all! THANK YOU!
keep 'em comin'