i know, i know. three posts today, already. but i had to tell you about some women i love and the things they do


the women i love, the things they love, and the things they do (in alphabetical order):

i know aleena. she is passionate about health and the health of her children. she is a deep well of information. when parenting becomes part of my life she will be my guide.

i know ali. who loves well-written words and good design. i would trust her advice on just about anything.

i know andrea. she is passionate about advocating the blessings and goodness of adoption. she is strong. she is wise. someone you can cry to.

i know ashley. a brilliant and dedicated fighter for democracy. if ever you need some persuasive help, she's your woman.

i know holly jo. she's passionate about beauty...probably comes naturally because she's so dang beautiful herself. she creates things that melt your heart. the small things that can lift a heart like nothing else.

i know jenny. when she sings your whole soul quiets down. she takes you to another world. if you know her, ask her to sing. not only does she sing, but she knows. everything. talk with her, and you'll see what i mean.

i know lane. she teaches students to write, and writes herself. she tries, and tries well, to show people how to be better--in more ways than writing. just spend an afternoon with her. you'll feel you can change the world for good.

i know linds. she's dedicated. she recently ran a marathon. which i could never do. she inspires. daily.

i know (o)Liv(ia). she loves food. she gives perfect gifts. she dreams of the simple life. i drink her to excess when i can get time with her.

i know liz. my sister. who spends so much time supporting family. she makes sure everyone is well. a true saint.

i know marte. just recently met her. spent only an evening with her. but her passion for travel, food, and beauty make me smile oh so big...something i need to balance my life.

i know marie. my brother's wife. she is kindness incarnate. she'll help you with anything and give you the confidence and hope you need to carry on. sometimes i feel these optimistic souls are most important in our world.

i know melissa. she's an epic woman indeed. passionate for music that makes you wish you would have practiced more, and inspires you to listen more closely. not to mention, she's a strong mother--the epitome of woman.

i know mo. she has a life of art. she's loyal, and knows everything there is to know about being a good person. you'll want to meet mo for sure.

i know my mom. she's passionate about music and the newspaper. she has been dedicated to the piano and organ, and is a good citizen--keeping up on all the news, and making sure she votes and writes letters. this woman is also a fairy incarnate. if you've ever met her, you know you never want to leave her side.

i know natalie. she loves flowers. more than most. she reminds me that little things are just as important as big things.

i know (p)amy. she's passionate about women, birth, and childcare. seriously wise woman. and witty to boot. this woman can inspire you to learn more and do more.

i know sarah. a passion for music. she's worked hard, and it shows. she gets better and better. she's willing to try...and she succeeds. time with her is better than time with any professional therapist.

these are some of the women i know. this is what they love. this is what i love about them. i am grateful for their passion and their beautiful lives.

(if your name is not on the list it is because i probably have a serious girl crush on you, and was embarassed to sing of my admiration for fear you would say "but i hardly know you"...i hope to earn the right to talk about you, and how much i admire you!)


Marie said...

Thanks for the sweet words about me! It is nice to take the time to honor the women that surround us. There is so much power in the feminine energy. Thanks for reminding me:).

holly jo said...

i know Ann. the woman who, when i was describing her to my mother just today, i started with, "she is everything lovely." I am so very grateful for our friendship. I don't know all the women on that list, but I am sure they are all women that I would love to sit down and have a conversation with, which would probably involve both crying from laughing so hard and crying for the sake of something dear to our hearts. loves. always.

holly jo said...

oh, and thank you so much for the thoughtful words.

amy said...

Thanks, Ann. That made me feel good--something you are good at! You are a wonderful example of a passionate woman, probably why you appreciate the passion of your sisters :)

Peck Family said...

I know Annie, the best little sister ever, someone who always wants to laugh and makes you laugh with her, someone who will always remember you when everyone else forgets, someone who loves pretty and is pretty. A true sister.