summer 2013 : the great decision


i'm only half-way through my studies here in vermont for the summer,
and already i've had to put in my preference for next year's studies...
next year i graduate. what?! i've always wanted to graduate at oxford,
but lately my homesickness has made me doubt my ability to get
through another summer, six weeks, entirely without ceej. i began to
consider another campus, much closer to home, in santa fe. beautiful, tempting santa fe.

i tried to tap into my dreams, into that depth in my heart, and ask myself what would i really want
for my last summer of grad school--my last summer to devote to english verse and prose?
oxford. shakespeare. the bodleian. that's what i want.

and as for my homesickness, i've decided to kidnap ceej and take him with me...
not quite sure how that's going to work out, but somehow i will find a way to make
our separation much less than six weeks.

sort of already dreaming and swooning about being back in oxford. this is good. very good.

{p.s. ceej comes to see me here in vermont tomorrow. this is good. very good.}


onesilentwinter said...

i think it is a wonderful and fitting desicion. i spent a month n Santa Fe for 5 years straight i love it and mostly went to seek calm and solitude but for some reason could not picture ending my studies there.

what a wonderful journey this all has been for you, enjoy your time with ceej.

sweet harvest moon said...

So exciting!

Krysten Cathleen said...

Wonderful decision. It sounds like this is what you really want. Don't worry, the separation will be worth it in the end.

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog quite accidentally. I am very impressed by your words and photographs. Keep up the good fight.

SARAH said...

A bold, brilliant decision. You're living the anglobibliophile dream!

Anonymous said...

My school was a cambridge affiliate and I always wanted to go to college in england. Oxford is a GREAT idea. I'm sure you'll never regret it, even if you'll be far away. Go go go.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that we can decide where to finish our PhD... How does it work? Here at HVD we have a "gap" year, so we have find external fellowships, but after that year we need to come back to our departments to finish the dissertation.
For my gap year (the fourth) I would like to go to Cuba and Cambridge (the first Cambridge, :). Yep, I know it's a weird cocktail, but I study Transatlantic literature (Equatorial Guinea, Canary Island and Caribbean) and my advisor will be in Cambridge, so let's see...