craving the west...and dare i say it...autumn


i'm not going to lie. i'm uncomfortable--in a fidgety sort of check-off-the-have-to's of this summer
so i can return home to the west (though the north east is really truly lovely) sort of way.
this entire weekend i've been dreaming of mountains and deserts out west, where i'm
comfortable in my skin, and in the contrasts of such beautiful landscapes. i've been dreaming
of autumn, of sweaters, warm tea, boots, and crisp cool air. i'm really homesick for autumn.

but most of all, i'm homesick for ceej. you know how it goes: i'm home whenever he's with me.
i should be researching a paper at this very moment, but instead i'm taking a break to
go through photos of our life out west: our day-to-day time in the mountains as well as our
weekend roadtrips and camping adventures. my paper will get finished on time one way or
another so i'm not too anxious about my little break.

good news: ceej will be here in five days for a long weekend getaway...and boy do i need to get
away from this diurnal cycle of reading, writing, researching, discussing, repeat.

more good news: fall is only two months away.

and last of the good news: i think i might be going canoeing this afternoon!


sweet harvest moon said...

Hang on in there, it will soon be autumn :)

The Egg said...

i'm not ready for autumn!!
i looooove these photos and quotes

Anita said...

I completely understand your yearning for home...I've been away the past month and now that I'm home, I don't want to leave again anytime soon! As for the whole autumn thing...I'm wishing for it too...crisp nights spent around a fire with blankets wrapped around the two of us and lots of talks.

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

I know what you mean.. I should write a speech right now, but all I can think about is going outside and do something.

I always dream of other seasons in summer, since I'm not a big fan of the heat. But this year we almost haven't had summer in Switzerland until now.

Relyn Lawson said...

These images are incredible. I feel refreshed just visiting and looking.

Anya said...

I so hear you, Ann Marie! Fall is my favorite season and (almost) all Summer long I am waiting for the first Autumn breeze.

federica said...

La terra si veste
del giallo delle foglie
in autunno.
Il vento
raccoglie i sussurri
dei trepidi uccelli
e gioca
coi rami avvizziti
che additano il cielo.
Ho visto danzare
sul mare
tanti pezzetti di luna.
A. Russo

:) F.