gloucester and rockport : part one {which is truly part two} of my weekend with ceej


last weekend ceej came to visit me. for six whole days! lucky, lucky me.
i'm jumping ahead a bit to the second half of our trip to massachusetts together.
our first stop was boston {post of our adventures in that favorite city to come},
and then we headed out to the coast to enjoy each others company sitting on a
blanket on the beach: reading milton, napping, sketching, napping, swimming in
the sea, napping, and even more napping. it was just the vacation from school that i
desperately needed. in between naps and beach time we made sure to find fresh
lobster, locally made ice cream and fudge, and "sand dollar" pancakes.

ceej really spoiled me this trip. i needed it. i'm quite sure he remedied any and all
anxieties that were boiling up inside of me, and i'm quite sure that these last twelve
days in school will fly by {especially since i am now officially entering the final
countdown, working my way towards handing in final papers! eek!}.

this weekend i'll try to post pictures of boston...where fall made a wee bit of an appearance.
bless boston. bless boston for always feeling like fall when i visit.


Anonymous said...

This getaway sounds and looks beautiful! I love to travel through you and the east coast is so dreamy to me.

Good luck with your finals! :)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh it looks simply beautiful...I am a great advocate of the restorative powers of the sea...I love to see different places too, Rockport is new to me although I have heard it referenced many times. Funny how coastal spots have a timeless quality. Glad you came home refreshed, good luck with the final push,

Sarah -x-

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

oh how I miss the sea!

Anonymous said...

such calming photos.

Anonymous said...

such calming photos

ema said...

these are such beautiful images!
good luck on your finals!

Debie Grace said...

Your photos are beautiful!! :)

Ariel Tyler Henley said...

These are stunning!

Joanne Cox said...

your photography is simply beautiful <3