:: this is my quiet easter sunday ::


this earthy holiday of rebirth certainly lifts a heart, and freshens up a stale soul.
things are moving. lots is happening. it's a bit terrifying, but mostly exhilarating.
this spring air, without a doubt, makes magic happen--mostly within this heart of mine.
i'm embarking on scary things. big things. wonderful things. i'm all too aware that
the higher i aim the more dramatic the fall...but, mostly, i'm over it. sort of.

the path? well, we'll see how all the details work themselves out.
but the goal is clear: start my own school. give me ten, twenty years. 
i'll have a school. i've finally given myself a heart-to-heart about real dreams,
not "back-up" dreams when the real dreams seem too crazy.

spring has given me the guts to do hard things. it's given me the will-power
to put my pride aside, to study harder than i've ever studied, to work harder
than i've ever worked--and i'm enjoying every minute of it.

this earth is moving me. is it moving you?

{ceej has arrived safely in china. miss him terribly. one week. here we go.} 


Anonymous said...

i want to make things happen. i want things to move. because something have been feeling stale and is keeping me tied behind. wishing you the best of days.

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

You look pretty!

I hope your wish comes true :)

Lollipop said...

what a lovely easter sunday!

Gabriela said...

Finally I see your face, your eyes are so lively!!! Your happines and determination are contagious!! I wish you the best of the best in your dreams and I love, love, love your proyect!!! I wish I was there to help and suport you!!!
Love from far away :)

tinyparticlesoflight said...

Yes - I can feel the movement of the earth and it sustains and propels me at the same time.

I'm excited about your dreams - the REAL non-backup dreams!

I love your easter outfit.


shipbuilding said...

Breathe deeply...

The idea of 'back-up' dreams has not occurred to me before. Wow! I must take a look and what I'm currently dreaming about and make sure I'm not misleading myself : )

Kimmy said...

Here's to following our real dreams! I've finally given in to mine (photography), and I'm terrified and exhilarated too! Good luck :)

Trude said...

I'm definitely feeling the power of spring and warmer days. Amen to pursuing your dreams! Love those words from Rachel Carson, just perfect. And I love your outfit! :)

nacherluver said...

Lovely post. May all your dreams come true.

julie said...

beautiful, as always. xxx

liv said...

Lovely Ann- always thinking about you guys and grateful to know such interesting, awake people- love, love, love your words and images- what an artist you are.