i'm in love with spring and barbara kingsolver...who wouldn't have a serious crush on a woman that possesses so much insight and gumption?


it's true. i too go nuts. and i love it. who cares if promises are broken, or whatever mr. eliot experienced.
i find that spring is always a burst of mighty gusto and determination...just the push i need to get going.

today as i've been happily studying and working i have
been simultaneously day-dreaming. my favorite time to dream.
every word i come across on a page has so much weight.
i wonder how i can use this word, and how this word or that sentence might help me.

i send off a handful of emails reaching out to people who have
traveled the path i hope to travel, and i'm so grateful to strangers who are eager to help.
just a few months ago i would have been afraid of reaching out,
worried that i would appear like a weasling "networker."
but oh how i assumed wrong! people are amazing, and i'm learning so much.

can i tell you how much i love barbara kingsolver? can i tell you how much i love saying
"who cares?!" to any platitude or quote taken out of context?
my past self would have squirmed at the idea of contradicting a poet i  revere and love so much,
but ms. kingsolver has consistantly given me permission to slash through those nice little quotes
that i find so often pasted shamelessly on almost every page of the interweb.
(i too am guilty! i mean, obviously i love a quote that speaks to me...but i definitely reserve the right to tear it apart two weeks or two years from now).

this spring i think i have surprised many with my new direction,
but those who have been such good friends recognize that this direction
suits me best, and are my biggest champions. hooray for people who
have seen you all along.

so what's the big idea? more grad school...a joint degree that involves an mba.
yes, business. the more i tear down my archaic ideas of business the more i find
that it is the perfect creative and effective path for me to pursue. as soon as i made
the decision all sorts of opportunities have presented themselves as i've worked
hard to put myself out there and study my brains out. things haven't necessarily
"fallen" into place--it's just been somehow "easier" to work hard at something
that feels so natural. and now i'm just trying to keep up...while still scheduling
15 minute power naps into my afternoon...



Angy is my name. said...

Go girl! The wind is yours you know... the sun can only smile for you and as for your North Star... it's actually the other way around - we point the stars in the direction of human delight - so go for it - nothing can ever stop us from becoming. Period.

Elisse Newey said...

Man, I wish we were in the same place sometime soon so I could hear all about your plans! I feel on the precipice of a new direction myself and the process of deciding is the most terrifying part I think...

And that quote is perfect! where did it come from?

Good luck in all of your new ventures!

Ann Marie said...

Thank you, ladies!

Elisse, I too wish we lived's always so much easier to have as many girlfriends close as possible--especially when we are having these "Tiwanda" moments. Good luck with your decision. I'm sure whatever you choose you'll do it very well indeed!

Brooke Gaynes said...

I love Kingsolver! I need to hurry and wrap up the Bulgakov I've been trudging through so I can get back to some happy reading. Kingsolver, Allende, Cather... Ann, if you ever start a book club, let me know! It looks like you have many many many other things going on. Sure love your blog and the pretty pictures you post!

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

mba? woow I'm so happy and excited for you :) I love that quote as well..

I wish it could be that sunny in Switzerland. It's raining and snowing (!!) the whole time.

Ann Marie said...


I would so love to be in a book club now...unfortunately I have so much reading to do for school that I don't really have time for personal reading. Some day I will have a book club and you definitely better come :)

Anita said...

I say follow your heart and it will lead you to exactly where you need to be! So excited for you!

N said...

Ann, you are such an inspiring person. I can't wait to see where it takes you. Changes are so exciting and nerve-wracking, which is why the end result is so rewarding. I know that you will do well in your new endeavor. The very best of luck to you! x

Clauram said...

Wonderful quote! I shared it on my own blog, with a shout out to you of course. It fits perfectly with the chilly mornings followed by the warm afternoon sun. Thank you again for sharing!

David Leland Hyde said...

Heard about your blog through Greg Russell and thought I'd stop in... I enjoy reading your lyrical prose. I have heard much about Barbara Kingslover's books, but only read (listened to) Prodigal Summer, which was superb. Prodigal Summer was like your post here and like Spring. Dangerous, but juicy, wholesome and energizing all the same, a great love story and nature adventure. Seems like China has been on my plate, or in my chopsticks a lot lately too.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh! Hello...I see that I was supposed to find you today...serendipity? I am very sad today, it's OK though and now that I am here it's all good...I clicked over to listen to Tabula Rasa...

Thank you.
Sarah -x-

Jenny said...

i'm finding a lot of truth in these words. though i pursued a history BA, I'm an avid writer and reader, and though i thought i'd end up teaching, i've recently decided to pursue my mba as well. it was a scary decision but i am so very excited to start down this new and challenging road. i too felt that pursuing an mba was a path towards living a creative and fulfilling life. it's funny though because, for me, i've had to defend my new path more than my humanities background. i never thought i'd choose this new path based on, as you put it, "my archaic ideas of business," but i feel that i've matured a bit and that i've reconsidered these ideas. however, i think that it's hard for people to understand this sudden switch. it's reassuring to me to find someone with whom i can relate that has chosen a similar direction. i share your enthusiasm!

i love your words and photos. excited to see where your "new direction takes you."


jenny said...

i am finding a lot of truth in these words. though i pursued a history BA, i am an avid writer and reader as well, and i too have recently chosen to pursue my mba. as you mentioned, this new direction feels like perfect path (for me) towards leading a creative and fulfilling life. when i graduated from school, i never in a million years thought that i would be going back for my mba (i always though i'd pursue graduate study in the humanities), but as i've matured and have begun "tearing down my archaic ideas of business," i've found myself recognize the vast opportunities of this pursuit. the funny thing is that, for me, i've found myself having to defend my new direction more than my humanities background because of this monumental switch in my thinking. i feel like some people think that i can only have greedy intentions in abandoning the prescribed path of a humanities nerd for one of business. for me, this doesn't seem like so great of a jump, but i understand the difficulty in wrapping one's head around this seeming 180. it's selfishly reassuring to me to find someone who seems to be going through similar -- and simultaneously and refreshingly different -- experiences. i share your enthusiasm for the possibilities of spring -- and wherever those possibilities lead.

i thoroughly enjoy your words and photos, and i'm so very excited to follow you in your new direction. best of luck!

- Jenny

jenny said...

sorry for the double comment! didn't think the first one went through!