here's our incredible college library that we won't be able to use at all this summer...seriously can't believe my bad luck


turns out it's a bit of a rough summer to be at oxford...
especially lincoln college. our beautiful little college
library is closed for the entire summer due to some
massive refurbishing to help keep it cool in summer
and warm in winter...very sad they had to close it up
this summer. at least we had ten minutes to see what
we were missing. sheesh. anyway, beautiful, yes?

but, i can't complain for too long...
tomorrow i will show you the library that i can
spend every day within its old walls this summer pouring over my books.


Ana Degenaar said...

Amazing photos!

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the wild magnolia said...

Oh dither, dither.....I am thrilled to my fingertips for this tag along!

Fab photos. Thank you, for sharing!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Okay, I really really want to tour that campus now. From the previous post to this one, I am in awe. So sad it's shut down for the summer. Bum sauce!

Mercedes said...

I think people should choose where to go to school based on the library. Based on this pictures I'd say you knocked your school choice out of the park.

My favorite thing to when I was at school was ust wander around the stacks and pick through random books. Learned some crazy random stuff. Try it.

Ahh to be a student again.


Kristina said...

really, places like this do exist? crazy!!! and so harry potter somehow :) looking forward to see the other library. hope you are doing fine :)

Anita said...

Wow! I think if I got the chance to go there, I'd feel like I'd died and gone to heaven...books and lovely architecture...what more can you ask for?

ALFIE said...

oh my gosh. MAJOR swoon. this is a dream.

rebecca said...

wow. insanely beautiful.

Howie said...

Oh wow. I would have guessed that is a library.

Hannah Joy said...

I'm so in love with your photos - please, please don't forget to visit Salisbury & Glastonbury!
PS: The Trout Inn ( is a heavenly place in Lower Wolvercote (a nice ramble along the river) that you MUST visit!