a high table dinner in our pre-columbian dining bid deal.


we had our first high table dinner last night: complete with latin and other lovely oxford traditions.
1427. that's the year our little lincoln college was built.
and, yes, those wood beams way up there in the ceiling: original.
this place makes it easy to dream and get lost in books
as we walk back and forth between century-old libraries, halls, and professor's offices.

speaking of professors, mine. is. awesome.
first class was today after lunch. i was giddy with anxiety at lunch.
only three others in my class. and we would be meeting oxford style (in our professor's office)
where i would not be able to hide so easily behind so many other students' wit & intellect.
but, the great news is is that i was giddy in class with all of the lovely and interesting things our professor had to say.

i've happily begun my research and studying.
i'm thrilled that everyone is here now.

and i'm even more thrilled to have the "intertube" here in my
very own room where i can skype ceej whenever. i. want.
goodbye twice-a-day peppermint tea. i think it's a pretty good trade-off.
thanks for all of your encouraging words, lovely readers.
this place has quickly grown on me, and now hogwarts makes a lot more sense.
i'm tempted to sneak around "forbidden" areas, and to spend my time in these
lovely old libraries and halls. seriously people. this is what schools everywhere should be.


Ana Degenaar said...

It sounds and looks sublime.

Unknown said...

I am so excited for you (despite being from a Cambridge family!! ;)) - I know you will get so much from this! Have a really wonderful time. I remember visiting a friend at Keble College when I was about 18 and being taken to college dinner, it is an extraordinary environment!

shipbuilding said...

All this giddiness is completely I want to find a place to run off to for six weeks and indulge completely and wholeheartedly. Enjoy every second.

Anita said...

It sounds and looks so perfectly lovely! So excited for you!

kylie said...

i don't know if you've blogged this already - but i'm dying to know why you are in the UK but your husband is elsewhere... am i confused? that university is intriguing - i am really interested in what you're studying/doing there!

Ann Marie said...

Hey Kylie,

My grad program takes me away from my husband every summer as I travel to campuses all over the world. This summer I am in Oxford. My husband had to stay behind in SLC to work, but lucky for me he'll come out to visit my last week here. Can't wait to see him!

Anonymous said...

wow. this is incredible! i don't think i would ever want to stop exploring all that old beauty. i would love to visit that campus one day! [i mean, i do already have a pink oxford sweatshirt that my sis brought me back from her visit :)]

your photos are so lovely!

ALFIE said...

this post brings one word to mind: divine.

the whole thing drips of being positively divine.

enjoy every second.

sneak some library pictures :)

Julie said...

gah! This all sounds sooo amazing! I would love to hug my pile of my books to my chest as I scurry from one old place to another. You are living in a wonderful dream!

GailO said...

Your photos and experiences are divine! I will be living and studying in Oxford vicariously through your blogs all summer!

Liz Stanley said...

oh my goodness. what a location! incredible