just around the corner today at the market i ran into my dream bike.
you know, things just happen all the time like that when you're in oxford.
sheesh. this place is way too dreamy. i can hardly stand it!

however, speaking of favorites, i'm wondering why school is such a favorite of mine...
it can be so so difficult trying to make my brain work so hard.
and it can be so so difficult getting my tongue to catch up with
all the ideas running around in my head...
this is when i know i need to take an afternoon in the countryside enjoying a picnic.
this brain needs a rest!

have a lovely weekend!

{p.s. photos of my library will come sometime this weekend or monday...sorry for the delay!}


Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I have been seeing major cute bikes out this summer. I really want one in mint green.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Goodness! Now only is it adorable but the fact that it brings cheese to you makes it so much better.

Anita said...

Oh my goodness....I LOVE this bike! Can see riding it along a little country path, picnic in the great! Hope you have a beautiful weekend as well!

the wild magnolia said...

I love your dream bike. I checked them out. They are pricey. Sigh.....but I can like them anyway.

Glad you are have such a wonderful time.

Thank you, for sharing.

kwistin said...

oh! so beautiful! gosh, oxford?? wish i was there right now. until i am, i will vicariously living through your photos and words.

...and i love that you're going to school there. you just reminded me that i *could* be in oxford...dreams can become reality, as long as we dream, right? :)

thanks sharing!

Caroline said...

I love school! And, I love that bike!

Ana Degenaar said...

What a stunning bike!

Anonymous said...

oh yes, i want a basket like that on my bike too.

Howie said...

A stylish bike indeed!

whoisnell said...

gee.. that' an awesome looking bike..
i'm thinking of getting a scooter for my own but that raised concerns among friends and parents as they think it is unsafe to ride in the city..
but i really really wanted to own a scooter.. what do you think?

ALFIE said...

dream bike, indeed!! so lovely.