pretty dresses, hip spectacles, and real-live bunnies


these are lovely photos from the family archives...
my sweet mom and her family from the 1950s-1960s.
this is nostalgia at it's best, yes?
i certainly love seeing my cute little mom with her dimples
and sparkling eyes {which, of course, are still my favorite features of hers}.

i am wondering about that bunny...
celia jane tells the story often of when she was a little girl
and her family had a couple of bunnies : one particularly hot day
her and her sister became quite in a panic as they worried
their little bunnies were over-heating in all of that fur
on the hottest day of the year...
they proceeded to poor buckets and buckets of cold water
on those bunnies...i won't tell you how it ended.
i only hope that the bunny pictured here had a better life.
{hoping you're not planning on getting yourself a bunny,
unless, that is, you happen to be a bunny-raising-extraordinaire}.

today also happens to be earth day...
i love that this weekend is full of ways to celebrate life
and all that this earth and beyond have to offer us.
life is sweet, isn't dear readers?

happy weekend!


samantha ramage said...

omg, this totally reminds me of my mama's old easter pictures! i need to dig them up!

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Cassie said...

what great treasures those photos are!!

Holyoke Home said...

These photos are amazing! How did you scan them and get such great detail?

Unknown said...

Poor bunnies!! Aww, pictures like this are so much fun to look at! What treasures :o) I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Lucy said...

how sweet! i love 50's nostalgia...such an interesting era. thanks for sharing your precious family archives!

Margelaene said...

Theese sleeves - we called them "flashlights"... that makes the dresses so romantic! I think I'll sew something like that for my daughter this spring.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Luise said...

oh, these photos are so precious!! i absolutely love the colours!
my mom was born in 1959 and she only has tiny black&white pictures of herself as a child...
the colours make the past look so much more vivid and near.
happy easter :)

Lisa said...

I love your mum's blue and red outfit with all those cute colour coordinated accessories and as for the bunnies they are surprizing daughter Jade dropped hers into the paddling pool and it swam beautifully!!?


Ann Marie said...

Holyoke Home,

My brother did all the scanning work. But I assume he used a slide scanner and scanned them at a high-res.

aren't they beautiful?! i love that my grandpa used so much color slide film when his family was growing.

Ann Marie said...

p.s. i think the vibrant colors are mostly due to the film: kodachrome. too bad they stopped making that film. it was beautiful.

bigBANG studio said...

A lament for Kodachrome but a celebration of precious family pics- these are marvelous, AM!
xo and Happy Easter + Earth Day!