how the weather brings me outside to sit with blossoms while also avoiding hungry little bees


i'll tell you that writing outside is pretty much as lovely as it gets.
i'll also tell you that i will be sad to see my wild dandelion lawn
get mowed over this weekend...seems the landlords don't appreciate "wild."
a wild atmosphere is just what i needed for my writing...not that i got much done.
but i did write. which is progress for this perfectionist-on-the-mend.

i also have been getting to know my tudor and stuart britain (in prep for oxford this summer)...
lots about gentry, nobleman, fights over scotland, but not over ireland;
and i'm just now getting into the good stuff: women, childbirth, life and death.
to top it all off, i get to listen to a wonderful british accent read the "faerie queen"
as i read along (thank goodness, because i get tripped up when i have to mentally
switch u's with v's and i's with j's...oi). thank. goodness. for. audio. books.

i must admit that taking breaks from the ol' intertube (aka: internet)
is a breath of fresh air this wonderful spring season.
i may or may not be back tomorrow...depends on the weather.

note to self: blossoms sure are pretty, but they attract huge-mongous bees looking to feed their queen


Anna said...

I love the muted colors of the flowers against the side of the house! In my last rented house there were tiny wild strawberries in the lawn. Luckily the landlord was a bit lax about mowing :)

onesilentwinter said...

i love being outside, sitting listening feeling the air. you must try a dandelion salad!

Ann Marie said...

great idea nadia! of course! no need for those pretty dandelions to go to waste.

Margelaene said...

Besides the salad you can also make dandelion vinegar. It would be so pitty to waste theese little suns... :)

Ann Marie said...

Thanks, Margeleane! I am learning so much about how to better use the wildness in my yard!

the wild magnolia said...

Gorgeous photos and wonderful sharing!

Thank you.

Lucy said...

love your outdoor oasis! and i'm with you on the love for dandelions and wildflowers. just today, my husband said, "i kinda like the grass long" and i rejoiced because he's always cutting it and i love the look of a shaggy lawn.