goodbye, goodbye california : what i'm going to miss {part two}


i'm really, truly, with all my might
going to miss driving through the green hills
of marin county in the makes me feel
like i'm driving on narrow roads through ireland,
and i love seeing those happy cows (that just happen
to make the best milk i've ever tasted).

i'm going to miss taking a drive in search of
autumn to orchard after orchard of delicious apples,
and ordering a dozen warm apple cider donuts
for cj and i to eat throughout the day (yes, we eat
them all in one day though we try to use restraint).

i'm going to miss the enchantment of yosemite...
the frosty fall mornings, the cliffs watching over us,
our heated tent, and a valley so mysterious.

i'm definitely going to miss being close to such
a wonderful city as san francisco.
i loved spending a day there eating our way through
the city and finding little bits of stationary
and longing after blooms in all the flower shops.

we're going to try to visit the sea this weekend,
and maybe we'll swing by the city for something
delicious to eat.

see you next week sometime when i've had
a chance to take it all in and settle in our new home.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh! You made me fall in love with California all over again! I adore Apple Hill so much and those photos are just perfect. Congrats on the move and I can't wait to see your new home. Travel safe!

Unknown said...

From England, very best wishes that your new home will be more than you could wish for. New year, new beginnings, remember the past with joy but look to the future! xx

Rachel Koontz said...

I just discovered your blog and I am in L O V E with it. These California posts are bringing back my childhood memories of growing up in norCal (first the bay area, and now the fam is near Sactown). Apple hill = to die for!

Wishing you all the best in your new place, and here's to returning to CA always <3
Rachel @ Alive in the Fire

Kate Kelleher said...

Wow looks like you left so much behind, but I bet what you face now has so much to offer, that coupled with the love of a good man will set you on the right path. Good luck and enjoy!

jen said...

California is going to miss you too! I can't believe you are moving so soon. Good luck! If you are ever back in town, give us a call!

Anonymous said...

all the best with your new home! these pictures look great. i'd love to visit san fransico someday.

Gailen Audie said...

I love that you admitted you guys partake in a ceremonial donut binge - very honorable! I recently had my first apple cider donut, thanks to you, and promptly bought another one. I can easily see demolishing six throughout a day of lazy sightseeing. Well wishes for a wonderful, content 2011! What a wonderful word....I'm still thinking of mine. I'll let you know.

Cobalt Violet said...

Wow these are AMAZINGLY gorgeous posts!!!
I am thinking ... Oh, yeah, I live here. Well, not exactly but I think I need a road trip. My aunt lives near Yosemite ...

Thanks for sharing your incredible photos.

Jaime said...

There is so much beauty here.
I just love visiting you. xo

Unknown said...

gosh this post makes me happy, and appreciate where i live!

wishing you the best!