goodbye, goodbye california : what i'm going to miss {part one}


the movers came and went this morning...
a miracle that they can pack up so much stuff
and load it on to a truck in a matter of hours...
this could have taken me weeks if left to my own moving skills.

i think we're mostly excited for this move,
but it's funny how when i find myself sitting
in an empty apartment on the floor (of which i
will definitely not miss the carpet)
that my mind wanders to all of the adventures
that ceej and i have had in this western state.

i will miss going to the sea
where we would sit for hours reading,
drawing, or snapping photos in a rain fury.

i will miss walking slowly through old-growth
forests with trees ancient and terrible.

i will miss farmers markets year-round.
i'm quite dreading a grocery store. blah.

and i will miss our drives across the nevada desert...
people used to feel sorry for our journey
this way, but they don't know the wonderful
breath of air it was for me to be in the desert
with wide open skies and mountains bare.

we're happy for what is ahead of us...
and quite pleased with all that we discovered here
over the past two and a half years.


Unknown said...

all the best for your new life. and what wonderful memories you hold from this last one.

california will miss you :) especially your appreciation of it's beauty. but i know that utah will be excited to have you!

janis said...

this post makes me want to pack up and move to california! stunning! hope the move goes smoothly!

Courtney said...

I'm kicking myself that we didn't get down there before you moved--babies shouldn't be an excuse but they do make things trickier. I guess I didn't expect your dreams to come true quite as quickly as they have! I'm glad you've had the chance to live some other places and appreciate what they have to offer...and glad that now you get to be back to your first love.

Unknown said...

did you live in marin?

Ann Marie said...

I WISH we could have lived in Marin...not only would my weekends have been fabulous but my every day living experience would have been 100% better. If we ever move back to California we'll HAVE to live in Marin!

onesilentwinter said...

bu the memories are so beautiful and vivid. you can always drive across the desert in the other direction...

bigBANG studio said...

Yes, the magic of driving across the desert!

Safe travels to you and Ceej in your new journey, and many blessings in this new life adventure!

xoxoxoxo and xoxoxo!

stephanie said...

It's good to reflect and remember the goods things when moving on. I forget to do that sometimes and end up missing things I hadn't thought about before I moved.

Jeffrie said...

I just discovered your blog today and it is so beautifully crafted and the travel log photography is some of the best I've seen in a along time.

I hope it's ok to pin some of you photos on and quotes on Pinterest...I've made credit to your blog on every pin.

Funny, I looked at the date you made this post and it's now 2 years and day from when you originally posted it...after reading through the post, I take it, that you moved back to Utah. I live in California and it's lovely to read your descriptions of the areas where you traveled and it makes me want to make more drives out to the desert and to the mountains more often...sometimes hearing about where you live from someone who is visiting or just living here a short time, is the best inspiration!

Ann Marie said...

thank you, jeffrie!