i try to have courage and laugh as i get to know my newest endeavor


it seems that everything is new in my life:
new jobs, new home, new (old) city, new year...
and now, new instrument.

i'm really quite giddy about my violin.
practice involves exercises to strengthen my
fingers and hands...there is no bow to strings yet.

but i'm giddy.
i listen to the violin all day as i work
and let the music give me courage
to try something so intimidating...
something that takes daily and constant practice.

i'm in love with this newness of life i am
absorbed in...

and i must add that it doesn't hurt that
the view outside my office gives me a view
of pouring rain and sunsets that set the clouds
on fire...

oh, and there's still lots of unpacked boxes
at my house...but my violin consoles me wonderfully.


Mlle Paradis said...

lovely blog! i know about those exciting, sideways shifting moves. i was supposed to learn the violin too but i did not! please inspire me!

thanks for stopping by p. paradis!

Netti said...

Did you know Jesse played the violin when he was a little boy? I keep trying to get him to re-learn it!! Violins are so beautiful, I wish I had the guts to tackle the violin, but the guitar is hard enough for me!!

PS. Welcome back to the Great Salt Lake!

Unknown said...

Picking up a new instrument was one of the most exciting and intimidating things I've done in years. Even though I stumble through the learning process, when I play I feel connected to something deeper and bigger than myself (which sounds hokey but is totally true).

I love your blog, thank you for sharing such lovely words and pictures.

Kate Kelleher said...

Ha sounds fun, such a lot of newness! Embrace, enjoy and try to stay in tune!! x

Easy peasy organic said...

I just found your blog via Mae Bird - how beautiful are your images! And your words! Can't wait to read *everything*! :)

Unknown said...

Oh, violin's the best! :) I love playing <3 Good luck with it!