29 : into grounding fog


today i turn 29-years-old.
i love the sound of 29.
i love thinking about the changes i've made
over a year...

as you, dear reader, are already aware of
i ache for foggy weather,
for mornings misty and glimpses of the moon through
clouds moving deliberately slow.

i often wonder why it is that the fog is so enlightening, so soothing
to me when it seems that the opposite would be the case...
but i awoke this morning at 5 o'clock knowing why it is that i
need the fog.

i am an easily distracted woman,
wanting to try everything, do everything, be everything.
this leads to exhaustion...literally burn-out.

then the fog moves in, full of grace.
it covers the eyes of my soul enough so that
i can only see what is right in front of me,
what matters most.
it cuddles me up in its moisture,
and tells me to sit down on dewy grass
to see what breathing feels like:
it feels like warm pearl tea on a dark winter's night;
it feels like laughing with a sister;
it feels like hearing soft notes on an out-of-tune piano;
it feels like poetic words dripping from a tongue;
it feels like a universe full of stars being born, living, and dying;
it feels like...breathing.

somehow fog makes everything so drastically clear to me.
it tells me what i must do, and hides everything else away.

over the past year i have met fear with new hope & trust;
i have met anger with awe & wonder;
i have met frustration with deliberate action;
i have met speechlessness with one word at a time.

i have met anxiety with a smaller world, a more simple world.

so here's to anther year of striving to be
honest, simple, solid, true.


a tree called life said...

happy birthday ann marie!
i completely feel this post, the fog has always been so grounding for me.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday! Thank you for drawing out of nature this metaphor for life. At times we all need to find out the things that matter most to us and then everything else fades into the distance and we areleft to our true selves.

Katarina said...

Happy Birthday Ann Marie!
I'm a fog person too :) I need gloomy weather from time to time, it's always followed by a bit of introspection... which always leads to good things, new things.
One of the new things for me is your blog...I'm completely enchanted by your writing and pictures!

Kate Kelleher said...

Happy Birthday Ann Marie! Have a wonderful day, and I raise a glass to another year of inspirational words.

stephanie said...

Beautiful words! Enjoy your day!

Nell said...

Happy birthday lovely. These pictures are completely beautiful. As are your words. As always xx

Nicole said...

I love how easily you put what I feel into words, something I am not good at. Have a lovely birthday!

Claire Kiefer said...

Happy birthday! I am 29 as well . . . high hopes for the rest of this (birth) year.

Heather said...

Have a great birthday! Buy yourself some delicious film as a present. :-)

julia said...

hb! i really like these photos. that c.s. lewis quote is on point as well. sounds like you're on track for a great day/year.

Unknown said...

happy birthday dear!
may it be a glorious year!!
and these photos are simply stunning. and slightly creepy, but that just makes them more stunning

Kerry O'Gorman said...

Fog, to me, means 'quiet'. It envelopes things and mutes the noise all around. It tells me to exhale...happy birthday fellow blogger.

Char said...

hope you have the most beautiful of days

Tonia said...

Have a really and truly fabulous birthday: may the fog roll back just enough to reveal cakey happiness and wrapped surprises! And then roll back in again.

Jen said...

I have found your gorgeous blog quite by happy accident (while Googling for photos to pass the morning).

I'm a fog person too. A rainy day, grey girl.

So happy to have stumbled upon your lovely place :)


PS: I hope you had a spectacular birthday!

Christina Barnett said...

Beautiful! The power of words is amazing, and the ability for a poet to draw on that power is art.

Happy Birthday Ann!!!

sarah sample said...

happy birthday beautiful anna. I love you so much. what a beautiful post....


Jamie said...

I hope you had the very happiest of birthdays.

Anonymous said...

The fog photo's are stunning!

Lucy said...

Your words are music to my soul!

Ethel said...

wonder full! i don't like fog, but, you almost make me do! honest simple solid true....