simple gifts & the best birthday yet


thank you all for such wonderful birthday wishes. love.

i love and receiving. i love how thoughtful people are.
ceej definitely knows my little heart,
as do so many in my small group of family & friends...
am in love with these little bits of stationary ceej helped me pick out
at bellocchio in san francisco over the weekend
{this is also where i got this beautiful letter...was hoping to get another one but turns out the owner of the shop has to pick them up by hand in paris...sigh}.
so now i have a few pieces of pretty paper to write very special
hand-written letters to people i love.

i really am so grateful to people who thought of everything:
something to read, something to listen to, something to make, something to keep me warm,
something to practice & learn...all so perfect. thank you!

and, i must tell you about dinner last night...
we went to one of those small little places where you can
eat on the patio with twinkle lights
and all the food is local and seasonal...
the kind of place we've been saving up for for weeks...
our waiter placed our menus gently in front of us as soon as
we were seated...and there, at the top of the menu, was printed:
"happy birthday ann!"
how fun is that?!
the food, of course, melted easily and slowly in our mouths.
my house-made butternut squash ravioli was, well, beyond
my taste-buds' experience.
we agonized over what to order for dessert
and finally made our fateful choice:
the "ding dong"...with chocolate moose and ganache
along with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.
oh my.
we were indeed happy.
and, one of my favorite parts,
the waiters bring you your check in an antique book
in which you can make a little note and draw a little picture
recording your visit there...
love that.

the day was filled with perfect details...
thank you everyone for such a memorable and wonderfully simple birthday.


Cassie said...

sounds dreamy. glad it was a special one for you :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

That sounds absolutely perfect! I can't believe we live in the same city yet your experience is so much more full.

And I am going to do a photoshoot soon. Where is a good field in Sacramento?

Char said...

sounds like a wonderful place - glad you had a special day. it makes the followings more exciting of what's to come.

Cindy said...

sounds like a perfect birthday and glad it was special. if i ever visit san francisco, bellocchio will be one of the first places i visit.

i found some letters written in the 1920s at my father-in-laws nyc apartment. he didn't know what to do with them and the letters, which are special because they are written in czech and in the most beautiful penmanship. i've photographed them and hope to share soon. enjoy your weekend!

Hannah said...

Beautiful stationery! and I love luggage tags - they are a favourite item of mine. There is something quite inspiring about all of those wonderfully white items all lined up - thankyou for the inspiration!

Jaime said...


I think your exquisite little space here has become my new blog crush.

I can't wait to return and read more.

Thank you for this beauty. xo