summer, adieu


if summer officially begins memorial day weekend, then my summer was born in paradise, washington (near mt. ranier) with family all cozy in a small mountain town then finding our way to poetic coastal towns.
ceej and i visited our own coastal refuge, and then i was off to grad school for six weeks in asheville, north carolina. i wrote my soul and i wrote my mind. i wept while reading wordsworth, and found no words to express my awe of keats. i read hundreds of pages of poetry, and wrote hundreds of poems. i walked the hills of appalachia and danced with the locals. when ceej came to visit we ate southern food and toured a grand estate. then my first semester of grad school was over...just as i finished reading keats's last letters, and i turned in final papers, relieved, and ready for home.
august was full of family, cabins, the desert, weddings, news that we are moving home to utah, and becoming reacquainted with my kitchen.
we ended summer, officially, backpacking 15 miles through the sierras, just north of yosemite.
i don't think we've had a weekend in our own apartment since early june. you might say the road has been our home this summer.
after this wonderfully life-changing summer, i am ready to simplify--to de-clutter my life. will be sharing with you, in the coming weeks and months, how life is getting beautifully simple.

thank you, summer. you stretched me and made things more clear.


Caroline said...

I love bringing things back to the basics. Simplicity is key!!!!! xo

ilwen said...

Can summer really be over already? An eventful one it's been but I'm already looking forward to autumn so so much. And Yule/Christmas! Doesn't every season deserve to be a favourite one? Thank you for sharing part of your summer with us ♥

Tonia said...

Wonderful post - made me evaluate what I'd achieved this summer. And I love the new blog header!

Char said...

love the introspection and gratitude.

happy reacquaintance with the apartment.