miscellaneous projects and why i am listening to heart this morning


first sweater: chunky yarn + learning to cable.
it's a men's sweater.
but i'm making one for me.
i think it will be my cosy yurt sweater
that can easily be pulled over anything,
leaving my hair a static-y mess.
yes, i'm already aching for fall and winter.
{that doesn't mean i'm going to enjoy every minute by the pool,
lots of picnics at the park and by the river,
or our biennial trip to hayden lake with cj's entire extended family}

i'm also attempting to read all of my textbooks at least once before school starts in june:

i need to do this, otherwise i will be behind. i like to read and re-read to make sure things are making sense. wish i had this habit in high school or even for the majority of my college career. oh well, i certainly have got the school bug now, and i find myself "nerdulating" more frequently these days. also, notice my truly skilled're probably wondering where i acquired such skill and discipline. well, the honest truth is that i am a self-trained artist. i learned while in kindergarten and i've never looked ahead. i thought my style was pretty good back then, so why change it? anyway, i like to draw on big pads of papers. i draw my day-dreams. i draw with calligraphy pens or pens i don't even know what they're for: i just like the feel of them.

yes, i am listening to heart this morning. why?

because i made the break. i was honest. we're all happy. we're all relieved. it's time for dancing, like a real novice, and time for closing the eyes while singing along to the chorus. hooray for breaking! hooray for honesty! and guess what: i can do hard things. yup. i can with the help of everyone around me, and angels whispering in my ear.

"when i ask you how you did it, you just saaaaaaay, 'it was nothin at all'!!"


Tiffany Kadani said...

Beautiful! You summer sounds extraordinary and full of love. I love Calligraphy- it was my favorite part in school. Everything is so ordered and pretty... what's not to love?

kelly ann said...

mmmm, this post is lovely.

Caroline said...

potato salad and rootbeer oh my .... heavenly!!! xo

jenna said...

I'd be interested to know what your reading list looks like. Anything to recommend?

Nedda Ebo said...

reading text books before school starts is a good idea. I guess when you're young you just don't have the attention span for that stuff haha.
Cute doodles,

Mustart x