am hoping to make it to the family cabin that my grandpa built with his brother in the 1960's


summer was always filled with day trips and over-nighters to our cabin, just up the road from sundance.
my grandpa, newel, and his brother, george, built this lovely a-frame themselves.
they are true craftsmen.
this place holds memories of listening to davey crocket and peter pan records,
bungee jumping off the deck {yes, our parents knew about it},
making girls-only forts to counter the boys-only forts,
walking through the meadow to the waterfall,
playing charades on the deck,
celia jane's potato salad,
creaky wooden stairs that led to the loft of rainbow shag carpet,
aunts and uncles laughing loud about things i didn't always catch,
tying sweaters around our waists once we got hot from running around,
tree sap on the soles of our shoes and all over our jeans,
the smell of a forest coming into our car as we slowly drove into the drive,
playing trivial pursuit and never knowing any of the answers,
and the organ, the organ that needs two feet to pump constantly for air to produce sound.
oh, summer!
i hope this summer i get to visit our treasured cabin.
it's a true cabin, not a mansion. very simple. very outdated in many ways.
and i love it that way.

does your family have a summer getaway?

see photos here and here of our other cabin--which is awesomely haunted and full of treasures.


Amandolin said...

That is a gorgeous cabin. Wow... Its beautiful! I wish that I could escape there haha

Tiffany Kadani said...

So many precious memories. It sounds like you were well loved and nurtured.

My family went to a beach house in Santa Cruz and I loved it because we got to stay up forever with all the cousins. Oh, you've just inspired a blog post.

Tonia said...

We don't: I'm torn between wishing we did for easy get aways, and glad we don't as this little island is really too small for everyone to have a holiday home!

I think we may have missed out on something really good.

Summer also knows as the krazy cake lady said...

Oh I remember staying there! Fun old days. How lucky are you to have such a jem in your family!

bigBANG studio said...

More pictures! This place is absolutely marvelous (look at all that wood paneling inside!), but after scrolling through the shots of the Utah cabin I must admit that I have fallen in love with that lucky you are to have not one but TWO magic cabins where you can seek refuge!

BAWC said...

Hey! I remember spending a night at that beautiful place too! You are a lucky woman to have such beautiful hide-aways.

jenna said...

wow, that's beautiful.

we have a little family cabin up on the north shore of lake superior (not as gorgeous as yours seems to be), and i feel the same way about it. such a perfect retreat, with familiarity.

~Kristina said...

That cabin makes me yearn for nights that are just cool enough to need a sweater and a fireplace to curl up beside with a good book to get lost in.
I am lucky to have a family cabin to escape to also.

Meghan said...

My husband and I have a little mountain cabin in Utah filled with treasures and shag carpet! I look forward to our children feeling that same way about it!