manifesto monday: great breakings


i have been reminded of how wonderful breaking can be.

breaking opens me up to what really is, and what can truly be.

for the past few days i have been fearing a break i need to make,

but this morning after an honest yoga practice,

and some wonderful encouragement from ceej,

i am ready to break.

i have mentioned this before, and i'll mention it again,

i have a problem of saying "yes" to just about everything.

everything sounds so wonderful.

everything is so beautiful.

everything is so worthy.

then i wonder why i have a hard time waking in the morning,

or wonder why i have had an incredibly sore neck for weeks,

and i start to think something is wrong with me.

then i remember i have probably overbooked myself,

and given myself way too many expectations.

so now i need a break.

i need to make a break.

i need to break.


p.s. had a wonderful weekend: made a spontaneous little drive to UC-davis friday night to hear amy goodman interview a former guantanamo prisoner and a former guantanamo gaurd. truly an informative night that got ceej and i ready to be more active. went to the davis farmer's market and purchased the most lovely-smelling roses of all time. tried to knit another hat, but forgot how to start the thing! read about keats and began reading his letters. oh, heart! waited for ceej to return safely from skiing. ate indian food with cj. watched this informative documentary. listened to people's hearts. made a brave comment. folded oragami paper cranes to help a friend with her wedding in october. tried to start knitting that hat again...good thing i have knitting class today. ate a danish with ceej. went for lots of walks. hope you had a wonderful weekend!!


Tiffany Kadani said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I should have gone to the crane folding party. Did Robyn tell you that I know her? You met my sister, Heather. We had her surprise party at Robyn's house on Saturday. Small world.

Char said...

sounds like a good weekend though i'm sorry about your injury - take care of you!

Kass said...

This post sounds so much like CHRISTINA. You both wrote similar things today at about the same time. I quoted a poem of hers on your blog a while ago - I think you are both Indigo Children.

Nedda Ebo said...

inspirational words! Loved reading that. Looks like you had a nice weekend!

Take care.

Mustart x

Anonymous said...

You write in such a lovely way.
Take a break.
We are humans, we are allowed to break.


kelly ann said...

you write so beautifully. <3

Beth Grace said...

For my Wellness class I had to write a This I Believe paper. It was a wonderful experience to write just what I believed.
I left you something special on my blog. =]

Ellie Grace

jmw said...

love hearing your thought process on making a break. Now I just need to listen to my heart verifying you are right!! thanks for your wisdom.

L said...

Saying no can feel very empowering!