let me tell you about my cabin...the myth, the legend, the history


this is my paternal family cabin.
this is the side of the family i see least,
but i know more of its history & legend:
lunatics, alcoholics, hidden identities...
this family is full of secrets.
today i'll just tell you a little something about
a place that i am most in love with:
"the green cabin"

generations ago my great-great grandmother
owned thousands and thousands of beautiful land
in north-eastern utah.
it's a story of the west:
her husband died, things got tough,
another man took advantage of her desperate situation,
and bought the land for much less than its value.
the family kept a small fraction of the land.
at least we have that much.

upon that land, my grandfather and other family members
built this cabin.
yes, it's green...and i hope they never change that.
as i grew up, and met cousins in the surrounding cabin
i learned that there were great myths about our cabin:
about murder, ghosts, and scandal.
it scared and intrigued me all at once.
this place is dripping with stories.

just across the dirt road are where cousins keep their horses.
they've always been there.
perhaps this is where i began to dream that heaven is a meadow where i will ride horses all day long.
that shed, above, has always been the source of scary stories for us.
just down the road is another shed of a cabin,
this other one is known as "the bea's nest"...
where crazy aunt bea used to be kept away.
ooh, the stories the family has about her!

the area is surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers.
hiking to them is a yearly tradition.
i only wish we could spend more time in this amazing landscape.

here is the meadow where, it is joked, that "bambi" was filmed...of course, a cartoon is not "filmed", but i like to think that this is bambi's and his mother's heaven...what a lovely meadow indeed!
(that's me in a blue hat and a blue dress...i guess you could say i like blue!)

everywhere you look there is something fantastical about this place.
i always look at this cabin here, thinking that i'd like to go in someday

oh, the lakes!
the colors, the air, the view!

every afternoon a great storm rolls in...
dark clouds
& lots of thunder.
oh, heart!
when do i get to live here forever?

behind the cabin is a little river...
we spent days and days and days playing in it...
now, i think it is quite a lovely refuge.
seriously, when can i move in permanently?

the best part of all, of course, are the people we get to see here.
ceej loves to rest on the porch...looking at a place that he knew long before he met me {you see, he grew up with cousins of mine, and was visiting the area with them...perhaps we ran into each other when we were younger...i like to think we did}
and here is my nephew. 7-years-old. we talked all the way home from our hike about harry potter. that's what good stories are for: they bring together the old and the young...we talk about love being the greatest of all, not fearing death, etc. what a lovely conversation to have with a 7-year-old.

later this evening i have just a few more photos to share with you.
so please visit again!


whit said...

Your blog is so inspiring. I love reading and looking at your beautiful are one talented little soul.

ZLB said...

the weber! or at least thats what my side of that crazy family always calls it. i love that land. though i'm surprised i've never heard tell of any murder, intrigue, lunacy, etc. we'll have to have a story swap! i love hiking around there and drinking from the springs. you look lovely in blue. and p.s. i have a gorgeous old photo of our great grandma's sitting on the porch together surrounded by flowers on my fridge.

Liz said...

Well... I admit the cabin is kind of scary, mainly because of the dirt. But, I remember really liking Aunt Bea, Jen and I used to like to see her at her cabin when she was there. Jen used to say Aunt Bea was her very own grandma, and it ouwld make me sad because Jen wouldn't let her be my grandma too.

Cassandra said...

I dream of my very own cabin in the mountains. You are so lucky to have access to one...