picnic days! and a new toy...


our weekly picnic days are back!
our tuesday farmers market opened up again for the season...
which means i get to meet ceej for lunch for the most delicious tamales!!!
am very pleased about this.

it already feels too hot here.
i think the high was only 77...
but it was just too hot,
so we sought shelter in the shade...

but, as shade tends to do, it moved on us,
leaving us hot, hot, hot,
and too lazy to move the blanket.

and, voila!
the newest of our toys:
we finally got a lens board to attach
this amazing lens to our graflex.
we're pretty excited to use it in yosemite this weekend.
which reminds me that we have stacks of negatives that i need to scan
so i can show you long overdue graflex images...i'll get to it sometime.

this lens is magic.
wish you could meet us at the park
so you could see just how amazing this lens is.
i guess you will have to wait
until we use it,
and i get motivated to scan, scan, scan.


Tiffany Kadani said...

Homemade tamales are the best! What farmer's market do you go to?

Kate said...

Wow. That camera just looks fun.

Can't wait to see your summertime images come floating up to the world wide web.

Pati Nanni said...

is great how you photographers can make common things become amazing! i loved your blog, congratulation

Dori the Giant said...

Amaaazing pictures!

Aline Correa said...

what amazing lenses! really. I wish I could play too.
and lovely pictures...

Anonymous said...

You are such a fun and amazing person.


Paige said...

beautiful pictures! and such an awesome camera!!! can't wait to see the results!

Cindy said...

the lens is so big - it just makes me smile. looking forward to seeing what you find at yosemite! love these shots.

kelly ann said...

oh my gosh how amazing! i can't wait to see what kind of images it produces... i bet they're beautiful. :)

Ziad Ali said...

ooh that looks like endless fun! oh gosh it makes me smile :)
Pearl xo

Mandarine D'Italie said...

Congrats on your new lens, it looks so so cool!!

Livi said...

these pics make we want to go on a hot summers day picnic. like. now.