on simple joys, fragility, and time


aren't these so very pretty?
they are jewels to me.
would buy all the thread in the world
just to let it sit on my table so i could gaze at it.
but i must make something with these lovely colors.
i'll think of something and then show you what becomes
of these beautiful threads.
sewing helps my time alone fly by.
it truly is a therapy:
being busy with my hands,
creating something
to use or to give away.
something i made.
so satisfying.

i continue to have mini awakenings...
they alert me that i have wonderful things to do,
and better ways to spend my time.

i'm in this intense fragile time in my life i feel.
it's a fragility that is on the brink of deliberate vision,
on the heel of courage and fairy tales.

i'm in love more and more with small things,
with elegant things and people,
with honest people who are so solid to the core.

i'm about to simplify,
yet open up my world to so many possibilities.
i can just feel it.

so what shall i make with these pretty little things?
any suggestions?

so grateful for breakings and openings...
aren't you?

so grateful for all the little things that are so fragile.


Katherine said...

My mom once had a sweater with those buttons!

You should make something pretty and light to remind you of this time in your life: filmy curtains or a banner of bunting trimmed with buttons.

Bernie said...

A beautiful is like a thread in many ways...Hugs

Cassie said...

I'm in love with the small things...I try to remember how amazing they are on a day to day basis...

Tiffany Kadani said...

A quilt. They say so much about a person.

Sara said...

Oh I love all of the colors here and i can't wait to see what you come up with.

Jodi Kendall said...

this is magical.

S. Etole said...

these would look enchanting framed and in a sewing room ...

tinypaperheart said...

your pictures look so dreamy.. :)

kelly ann said...

such pretty colors!
this was such a lovely post.

She Who Carries Camera said...

all i can tell you is that every single color you have shared with us is in my bedroom! :-)

Char said...

i really adore those greens. just gorgeous

Andy Quirks said...

so so so pretty! simple but beautiful!

love your blog dear. will follow!


Rochelle said...

I can't...or rather...I don't sew but your images bring back fond memories of sitting at my great-grandma's feet as she sewed me a new dress.

thais said...

something simple and old romantic... like a towel tray or a pillow cover... or pretty much anything with these beautiful colors ;)

BK said...

Looking forward to see what you will make from all these threads.

Sabriel said...

how do you write exactly what is in my soul? I need your writing.

Julie said...

Your thoughts and these images are perfection! Your blog is so lovely and sincere and full of beautiful pics-love!