i love being a woman : kate kelly {law student, activist, theme party goddess, amy goodman's new best friend}


let's just get it out there.
i've always had a crush on kate.
she seems to do it all:
working so hard to get into law school, working so hard in law school,
volunteering and protesting for good causes left and right,
reading good books and writing witty posts,
travelling, travelling, travelling,
living it up in washington dc...
going to the only law school founded by women!
and she hosts the most amazing parties you have ever been to.
hands down. oh, the costumes!!
kate will save the world for sure.
and she happens to be a woman.
aren't we proud?!

here are kate's reasons she loves being a woman:

Love the blog. Love your project. I saw them & thought,
"Oh, I could never come up with 10." Then I paused and thought,
"no wait... ain't I a woman?"

1. We are our conversations.
A conversation can be THE activity.
Said conversation can last, and last and last...
and if I'm with other women, no one tires of it.

2. We wear skirts. Skirts are really the best clothing item imaginable...
like wearable cupcake paper sleeves that leave your legs so free!

3. We dress up. Dressing up is part of my daily routine
and glitter is a socially acceptable accessory.

4. We cry. Tears communicate so many things. Sadness, joy, empathy.
Sometimes tears are the only adequate reaction,
and I love being able to cry.

5. We are expected to be compassionate.
{if only it were expected of all humans!}

6. We are curious. We learn and grow and do so many things
and are so many roles in one lifetime.

7. We are courageous. So women pursue their path with quiet dignity
willing to be, in the words of Susan B., "anything or nothing in the
estimate of the world..."

8. We sing harmonies. There is really just nothing like the sound
made by two ladies and a guitar.

9. We are divine. In the glorious words of Sojourner Truth,
"Where did your Christ come from?
Where did your Christ come from?
From God and a woman!
Man had nothing to do with Him."

thank you, kate!
my crush just multiplied exponentially.


C'est La Vie said...

i love that you do these!


Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

I'm pretty sure I already said this, but I am SO glad I found your blog! I LOVE these posts and the lists and ahh, it's just great. Kate seems like a total badass, and she has an awesome costume. Working on my list!

amy said...

Kate, you rock. Hurry back out here--it time to talk, sing, and dress up like idiots.

mexicali rose said...

thank you! i love kate and her wonderful list...i love writing and sharing about women so far i have 2 postings that are titled "she's so lovely" where i share my girl crushes but your are women close to you, i love that! your idea with the list is awesome...keep up the wonderful work:)

Mo said...

Women's suffrage costumes are the new black.

Kate said...

So glad you found the cat whisperer pic!

Dou-la-la said...

This is just great! Love it. Especially the Sojourner Truth part. And also the cupcake wrapper part (reusable ones, at that!).

Jen said...

Love these posts.