i love being a woman : zina bennion {world traveller, lover of teens, chef extraordinaire, infectious love for life}


oh, zina! where to begin this introduction?
i'd first like it known that we are related...third or fourth cousins
{we share the same great-grandmother who is zina's namesake}
and we share a beautiful landscape in the uinta mountains.
zina and i always seem to just miss each other,
only having a moment here and there.
someday we will sit down forever at the cabin together
and our hearts will speak to no end, and we'll laugh our bellies sore.

zina comes from wonderful artist parents in a wonderful small town.
she's one of those women who grabs life whole-heartedly
and has infinite courage and confidence...
in this day and age of the "life coach" i would pay zina
the big bucks to whip me into emotional, spiritual, and physical shape.
she works with kids, a lot.
day after day she gets kids outside, moving, serving.
she is a big force behind this service ranch
that teaches kids the value of manual labor and service.
the kids love it!
as i said before, she travels, travels, travels.
her next trip, in two weeks, will be to france!
aren't we all jealous?!

well, i could go on and on and on,
but here is zina's list of ten reasons she loves being a woman:

these are in no particular order and some are serious and some are
just funny . . . but all true.

1. i love being a woman because girls just smell nicer and their skin
is softer and their hair is silkier.

2. i love being a woman because you can be a total tom boy and work
hard and play hard and act like a teen boy, and then take a shower and
put on a pretty skirt and feel like a girl.

3. i love being a woman because women like to talk, to each other, to
men, to children, to animals, i love those deep conversations where we
talk about our 'feelings'.

4. i love being a woman because i can cry openly and freely whenever i need to.

5. i love being a woman and experiencing the wonderful synergistic
companionship that comes from knowing and loving men.

6. i love being a woman because i have the capacity to bear fruit.
this amazes me.

7. i love being a woman because i love to nurture and care for all
creatures and feel connected to them.

8. i love being a woman because i am a daughter of our 'glorious
mother eve' and divine parents

9. i love being a woman because i love taking care of bodies by
growing, harvesting, and cooking good food.

10. i love being a woman because of the rich traditions that bind
women together through working and talking together in kitchens on
porches in living rooms while knitting, and everywhere.

aren't you all in love with her?!
thank you, beautiful cousin zina.

photos stolen from zina's facebook page


NEC said...

Ah, how much do I love this lady! Hooray for the kids of the ol SC!

Caitlin said...

Yay to ladies talks during knitting and on porches. Those are truly the best!

Unknown said...

that zina! I'm so glad you posted this! what a lovely project. It's true, Zina is a woman to look to when you're wondering what you should be aiming for.

Tiffany Kadani said...

She's so well spoken! I wish I knew her!

Lindsey P said...

oh she is such an inspiriation. i love this lady lots and lots. and, i love these posts.

Young People in Love said...

Miss Zina is one of the greats. Love love love her guts.

sara said...


i took that photo of zina sticking her head out of the bus window this summer on the fourth of july singing the star spangled banner at the top of her lungs.

it. was. perfect.

Erin said...

I love these interviews! I keep a painting of Mary the mother of Jesus hanging in my bathroom right next to the mirror to remind me each day of the blessing it is to be a woman and to remind me of the legacy of all the great women who have gone before, paving the way for me, for all of us sisters.

kel said...

great blog. i am a big fan of this Zina.