mini road trip : the ocean, as the sun went down


these are the last photos of our mini road trip...
thank you for enduring and enjoying them!

i wasted a lot of polaroid film this day...
making thoughtless mistakes.
i think 1 out of 5 ended up working.
that's what i get for being in a hurry.

we shot a lot of film...hopefully we don't wait too long
to develop all of it.
anyone know any good photo labs to develop film at
in the Sacramento/Bay Area?

the sun set.
we packed up all seven cameras we brought along,
and began slowly making our way back up the trail...
and there was the moon!
full, and bright, and beautiful.
what a gift.

the end.


Teresa said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh!
MAGIC indeed!!!!
Scrumptious photos!
Will have to pop back a few post and see where this is!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Let me ask my friend, Susan Yee, because she's pretty big time and from Sacramento.

Char said...

magical shots - i just got a fuji mini and i know the feeling about wasting film. *sigh*

but i'm learning.

Cassie said...

what a perfect place to "waste" film!

These shots are stunning.

Bernie said...

These are beautiful, I especially like the moon......:-) Hugs

BrigittaR said...

Gorgeous light!

kelly ann said...

these are so dreamy... i can't get over how breathtaking they are!

Caitlin said...

Ritz camera down on Jst in Sacramento. I recall some of my photog buddies just going to Costco...but...its costco.

sara said...

hi ann! i'm a friend of amy's, used to be neighbors with your brothers, and we had some mutual friends a few years ago. amy linked to your blog, and i love it! i grew up in the bay area (south san francisco area, to be exact) and would trust my photos with:

the new lab on bryant street, pretty close to the freeway. they talk care of anything, and are excellent with 120 film.

another option is kauffman's cameras in san mateo. they may also have a place on 4th avenue in san mateo.

good luck! and i love your work! (photos & the emphasis on women. love love.)

Anonymous said...

the place you visited seems so magical. x

katherine said...

Wow! These photos are breathtaking. When is your next workshop in San Francisco?

Cindy said...

i'm sure even your 'wasted' photos are interesting. i love the moon photo and what kind of camera is ceej using?

beth said...

what total fun !
and brilliant landscapes !

Ann Marie said...

thank you all for photo lab recommendations...i'll have to try them out!

mina said...

i love the one of the waves crashing against the rocks...and the moon shot - perfect.

Natalie said...

I love and miss the ocean. Such stregnth and beauty!! Love your side bar! so fun!