my favorite chocolate cookies of all time


these are the chewiest, yummiest, most perfect chocolate cookies.
i'm so glad i met them about three years ago.
i used to make them weekly, but had to send them away
for fear sugar was taking over my life!
but i brought them back for a little treat.

here's the recipe, taken from THIS book:

c h e w y c h o c o l a t e r a s p b e r r y c o o k i e s

1/2 cup raspberry preserves
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup canola oil
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 tsp almond extract
1/2 cup plus 2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder {sifted if clumpy}
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt

*preheat the oven to 350 degrees. lightly grease cookie sheet.

*in a large mixing bowl, stir together the raspberry preserves,
sugar, canola oil, vanilla, and almond extract.

*in a separate mixing bowl, sift together the other ingredients.

*add the dry to the wet in three batches, mixing well with
a fork after each addition. when you get to the last batch,
you may need to use your hands to work the batter into a soft
and pliable dough.

*roll the dough into walnut-size balls and then flatten them with
your hands into 2 1/2-inch-diameter disks. place on the cookie sheet
{they need be only 1/2 inch apart because they don't spread out when

*bake for ten minutes.

*remove from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes. transfer to a cooling rack to cool completely. you can also serve these cookies still warm over a scoop of ice cream. or three.

{i added the powder sugar on top as soon as they come out of the oven}.



C'est La Vie said...


done. that is what i am going to do tomorrow. make these.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow! The fact they have raspberries makes them even more appealing. Like!

Olivia said...

Yeah, probably going to make these tomorrow.

amy said...

Ooh, vegan! Bonus!

I don't mean to bastardize a cookie that is already so perfect, but I'm wondering if some (all?) of the sugar could be replaced with prunes, dates, or a combo? Wouldn't hurth the chewiness any...And whole wheat flour maybe? Or half?

I'm just trying to make these something you could feel good about eating every week!

Ann Marie said...


we should totally try to adapt this recipe so we can eat them ALL THE TIME!!! let me know if you experiemnt and how it goes!

Bernie said...

I am always hungry after reading your post, everything always looks so delicious......:-) Hugs

Teresa said...

Oh...these look so yummy!
I wonder do they taste alot like the raspberry preserves?
I have GOT to come back over here with my notebook to jot some of your recipes down!
Thanks for sharing!

debra@dustjacket said...

They just look heavenly, thanks for sharing.

Tree Peeps said...

I just made these! After thinking about them for a few days....

I used blackberry jam, since we made MANY quarts of it last summer
3/4 c. sugar
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 c. white flour
1/2 cup self rising flour (ran out of regular).

I love eating the dough, too, it's so great they are vegan. I also love that it uses jam. That's one thing we have in spades over here and I want to clear out the jars to get ready for the coming summer :)
Thanks for the recipe!