despite my busy weekend, i found time to be idle


i started a little knitting project just to practice:
another scarf.
and since i want to move on from all things square and rectangle
i signed up for a knitting class that starts next month!
when i walked into this knitting store i had to seriously
contain myself to avoid overwhelming the employees with my
sheer joy and giddiness.

i had some time to read about baking bread and gardening in any space.
there is so much to learn!

i learned about the many kinds of bread doughs:
stiff, standard, rustic,
lean, enriched, rich,
yeasted and unyeasted.
all kinds of wheat:
hard or soft, red or white,
winter or spring.
i even had to learn a little math!

i read that the most important component for any garden is
seriously? yes. and i'm not going to question that.
i've picked out the places i will arrange my containers
where they will get plenty of sun.
"the old mantra 'learn the rules before you break them' stands true.
all good gardens follow six golden principles--
repetition, variety, balance, emphasis, sequence, and scale--
in one way or another.
on top of these are secondary elements of color, texture,
form or shape, and smell.
these ideals apply as much to a collection of containers as
to any scale of garden."

and i was able to go to my favorite farmers market
where i found the prettiest spring flowers, rainbow chard, and portabella mushrooms.
it was a good weekend indeed.


Unknown said...

we are living a parallel life.
and its a beautiful one.

i just bought Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Bread book (I thought about buying the breadmaker's apprentice but I realized I truly need to eat whole grain) and have been baking up a storm.

i also bought a book last week on gardening in small places. It's calle Grow Great Grub and its about growing organic food in small spaces.

AND i took a knitting class a few months ago so I could graduate from rectangular shapes and I knitted my first hat!

we really should be close friends, my dear ann.

Ann Marie said...

i also have reinhart's whole grain bread book! too bad we don't live closer...we could have evening of waiting for our bread to rise while we knit away.

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures and I envy your projects!
I left you something on my blog. Thanks for your comments and beautiful blog.

Jayni said...

I just discovered your blog via Dancing Branflakes. I love it! Such beautiful messages...

beth said...

finding fresh portabella mushrooms was the icing on the cake for the weekend as far as me thinks :)

Caitlin said...

I love Rumpelstiltskin. I wont buy anything major from there until I can knit something other than a scarf. If you are in the Sacramento area I go to a really fantastic knitting group on Fridays. I am already graduating to circular needles/ the crazy way of using 3 to do round. It's free too. Email me if you are interested in the details.


Liz / Tangible Ingredients said...

What a great color choice for the yarn, I love it! And beauteous flowers... I'm jealous, the Missoula farmer's market doesn't start until late May. And love being the most important ingredient of garden... sigh...

Tonia said...

Knitting, flowers, fresh bread. Check, check, check. My kind of blog. And life!

SimplyTara said...

Beautiful blog and beautiful flowers!

marta said...

your writings and photos always leave me swooning! am excited to let you know, you've won a giveaway for something special. please read my most recent blog post for details. thanks! xo. marta