i love being a woman : sabriel {from earth verbatim}


1. Children are a beauty. I have the capacity to carry them within me,
grow them from my own soul.

2. the inexplicable pull i feel towards others.
I have love as deep as an ocean in my heart.

3. Intuition. I care for people, almost too much at times.
I can feel others feelings with such acuteness, it makes me ache.
But I wouldn't give it up for anything.

4. I get to be a work of art! Wearing beautiful skirts and dresses with long flowing hair
makes me feel like a fairy.
I love to drift around and pretend that I am a painting.

5. Other women. Our great Mother has brought us all together and lets us feel
the power of each others souls.

6. I am allowed to cry. Not that men aren't, but I'm almost expected to.
And believe you me, I take full advantage.

7. Everything feels like everything to me.
Mother Nature brings me to my knees,
children leave me breathless,
and the warmth of my husband makes me weak. I can feel!

8. We are fighters and we are strong, but we still need to be taken care of.
Pride is not in our blood.

9. My own mother makes me proud to be a woman.
The wealth of wisdom and love that she has poured out upon my hungry soul has made me
who I am. I have seen her struggle and overcome,
she has taught me what it is to be a mother, child, wife, and woman.

10. Someday I will go back to my Mother Earth.
She will embrace me and I will become like her, one with her.
I love being a woman, because it is beautiful. It is fullness.

thank you, sabriel!!
isn't she beautiful?
maybe some day i'll be fortunate enough to meet her in person.


Dori the Giant said...

I really like this.
I love being a woman. I was actually thinking the other day about how when I would hang out with boys, they'd always make fun of each other if they showed the slightest amount of emotion or sensitivity.

It makes me so angry. I think feelings and emotions are one of the main reasons life is amazing.

Sabriel said...

oh thank you dear! I'm so honoured!