i bring you happy news indeed...


i won't make you wait for this news:
i just received my acceptance letter in the mail
to go to Bread Loaf School of English
to pursue a MA in Creative Writing.

boy, do i feel watched over.
i cried when i opened the letter
{too bad i'm alone in the apartment for 10 days!}
i did get to talk to ceej on the phone to tell
him the great news before he is unreachable via phone.

i've had my days, worrying and doubting.
remember when i first told you about my dreams?
remember how i gushed about an admired professor,
and how i wasn't sure graduate school was for me?
remember my pep-talk-to-self and i told myself to get over it?
oh, and then there was that night when i completely lost it.

oh. my.
here i am.
going to school once more!
thank you for all of your encouragement along the way!!

{by the way, will be spending my first summer here.}


Gailen Audie said...

Congratulations!!! As one of the people who stumbled across your beautiful blog during a google search, and kept coming back -- day after day -- I take a certain pride in this your victory :). Be brave and don't forget to blog!

By the way, Asheville, NC? My neck of the woods.....beautiful. Please take a trip to Flat Rock, NC and visit Carl Sandburg's house on a hill and pet his goats.

Catherine Anne said...

Thats wonderful news!!! So happy for you~

Suzanne said...

Congratulations. Middlebury/Bread Loaf is such a good school/program!

onesilentwinter said...

That is wonderful! and i love Middlebury college and my friend's father, mother teaches and he might just be teaching you Mr. Martin!! I often go to Vergennes we will have to steal you away one night for haying and vegan fare!

Congrats! Summer in VT is beautiful!

Dianne said...

Whoa! Willie Nelson in Asheville? Lucky...

Joe said...

Congrats Annie!

Anonymous said...

I really admire your stories, your post and the way you are writing.. This is not a suprise for me because I believe in what you can do!:-)
Keep suprise us!

zlb said...

WONDERFUL!!!! Congratulations my dear! This is fabulous news indeed! I'm so very happy for you! Can't wait to see what wonders you write of!

bigBANG studio said...

i KNEW it!
i am SO very proud of you.
you deserve this great honor, and i am just clapping my little hooves together in joy for you!

hooray, ann marie!

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

I've just spent a little while reading through your old posts... You have created a beautiful space here - I'm not surprised in the least bit that you were accepted, dear. Congratulations!

And I hope you'll enjoy your time Asheville... We lived there for three years (now live about an hour south from it - work reasons) and loved it. The Western North Carolina mountains are a beautiful, magical place. I think you'll like your time there. A perfect prelude to Vermont, I imagine (as I've never been to Vermont but hear it's beautiful, too).

Congrats again. And thanks for creating such a lovely space.