on ballet and bread and how a heart sings


can i tell you how much i am in love with my ballet classes?
i stare at my slippers all week long,
imagine my pointed toes and lifted chin.
how graceful i feel
dancing in time to the piano on the record.
my feet slide and brush,
my heart lifts bright,
my spirit rises.
oh, blessed ballet!

i baked whole wheat goodness this morning.
just in time for warm rolls for lunch.
i coupled these warm morsels with local cheese.
how perfect it all melted with ease in my mouth.
i am falling in love more and more
every day with the little things.
sigh, indeed.

all day i have been listening, and swooning, to violins.
i have noticed that violins are always crying.
they cry tears of joy,
tears of sorrow,
tears of laughter,
tears of awe and wonderment,
tears of loss,
tears of gratitude...
i'm quite in love with my days.
{if only ceej were in town...then it would all be perfect}


Caroline said...

what a beautiful post!!! xo

nadia said...

yes i do feel as if violins always cry. you put it so beautifully. I remember doing ballet with my mum as a young girl.

Brittany said...

i love this post. ballet is my happiness.

and i'm jealous of your wheat bread! do you have a great recipe?

mandyface said...

Ballet?! That's awesome! Now I am very hungry for warm wheat rolls.

kelly ann said...

this post brought tears to my eyes. i was a ballerina. actually, i was a dancer in many different forms. jazz, tap, hip hop. but ballet and contemporary dance were my heart and soul. for 11 years or so. i haven't danced in a while, and i can feel my body in a state of sadness because it isn't doing what it loves. i've been longing to start again. and maybe start teaching dance again. dance really is my first love. i still choreograph routines in my head and my mom was just telling me the other day that i'm always happiest when i'm dancing. dance moves me to tears. moves me to joy. i think i need it in my life again!

Ann Marie said...

kelly ann,
yes! yes! start dancing's the best thing i've done in years. my body is a little slow to remember, and i'm not as flexible or strong as i used to be, but i really don't care much. i'm just happy to be moving!