are "notes to self" really a great idea? or are they just testaments of our delusions?


this morning, thinking i was receiving a bit of inspiration, i jotted down on page 1 of my new hand-made notebook:

what if all the doors and windows were always open?

this, of course, is part of my self-therapy to "get over it," "hitch my wagon to the stars," "live life deliberately," and remind myself that "i have nothing to gain, nothing to lose."

so, if all windows & doors are open AND i have nothing to lose, then today is my day!

sign up for two writing classes. check.

sign up for one drawing & composition class. check.

email two former professors asking them to write a reference letter because i'm just going to do it...i'm going to apply for the bread loaf school of english master's program. gulp.

my friend, who is a genuis i might add, has told me that they're desperate for students...they'll take anyone. is this supposed to be encouraging? she thinks so. it makes me want to rip what brains i do have out of my child-size head (it's true, all my hats must be purchased from the kids' section).

email two professors. check. double gulp. what do i think i'm doing?!

one reply from one professor. check.

he's happy to write the reference...after seeing more examples of my writing because "Breadloaf is a premier program, as you know, and they have multiple generic focuses, but they need me to speak to a range of writerly skill."

oh crap.

i'm a historian. not a creative least not a ten-page-creative-writer.

so, yes. i feel stupid. but i'm going to go along with it. because supposedly they're willing to accept anyone.

does that include people who buy their hats in the children's section?


Lindsey P said...

Good Luck!!!
my sister has to buy her hats in the children's section too.

Netti said...

I would like to point out a few things.

1. You're a great writer in my opinion!

2. That school sounds SO intriguing!

3. I too have a child sized head.