December 23rd


I wanted to document our lovely little 5-year-anniversary celebration. Hope you enjoy the photos and  a little of our history.
Memory Grove. Where the party happened. There was lots of dancing thanks to the best little big band ever: The Sax Machine
It was a cold, wintry day December 23, 2003. Five years later it was the same. I loved having a winter wedding.

Here we are. Wish I had some good wedding photos...they didn't turn out, and I've been sad ever since.

The rest of the park.

We stopped by Backer's Bakery for a fudge doughnut. Another one of our favorite SLC places.

One of our favorite places to get heart-warming food, and a good cup of tea-Elizabeth's on 700 East and about 550 South in Salt Lake City.

I ordered the curried pumpkin soup with dumplings. Perfect.

Thank goodness for lovely people who offer to take your photo...there aren't many photos of Ceej and I together since we're usually the ones taking the photos.

I love the bare brick walls. Want to do the same in my home someday.

Also love the elegance of the whole place. Sigh.

Dinner at the cozy, romantic, Fresco restaurant at 15th and 15th. We L-O-V-E our Italian food, and this place is oh so yummy.
The warm interior. We were tucked away in a little private corner. 

We had a lovely day. We ended our big day with another tradition: Ballet West's The Nutcracker.

Thanks, Ceej, for a lovely and Awe-some five years. Here's to forever!


liz said...

Hooray- the wedding day was very fun... loved the dancing, and VERY cold! Thanks for getting married!! And thanks for putting pictures of you on the blog-great!

Natalie said...

What a great day! You guys are such a great couple.

Lindsey P said...

These fotos are great. I love the snow in Utah an i love winter clothing. Your post made me want a big bowl of yummy soup.