Nader with Jim Lehrer


Ralph Nader was interviewd on the Jim Lehrer New Hour a couple nights ago. To read/watch/listen go here. I hope you are all watching as Obama & McCain fail to fix the root of our financial woas. I hope you are listening when Obama admits to working with corporations rather than with us little people. I hope you are listening when neither Obama nor McCain support solar energy (Obama supports "clean" coal...someone should tell him there's no such thing as "clean" coal). I also hope you know that there's no such thing as a "spoiler". If you want to throw your vote away vote for Obama or McCain. They'll keep us going in a bad direction for sure.


Dee said...

I've heard Obama talk about supporting solar energy numerous times. However, I do hear him talking about clean coal, nuclear energy, and off-shore oil drilling, which I don't like. Unfortunately I see him representing what I think is the majority of American thought. That we must resort to oil-drilling. I wish Nader could convince everyone that we do not need to do this.

Dee said...

That was a great interview. I would like to see Nader have more of them.

liz said...

Hey- I forgot to tell you. Ralph Nader was on Dr. Phil a couple of weeks ago!

Courtney said...

I don't mean to be devil's advocate, but every time I've heard Obama talk about the environment he mentions solar energy. I also don't notice a big difference between what Nader says in this interview about the bailout and what the other candidates say--they've all talked about needing regulation, accountability, and justice on Wall Street. It seems like Obama has worked a lot with the "little people," although I always find talks about who's "real" and who's "little " etc. somewhat simplified. Anyway, I'm not particularly for either of the partisan picks, but I don't think Nader has all the answers either. I don't think anyone could have all the answers, which I guess is why we choose what's most important to us and who will represent us best in those areas, like you have.
p.s. Dan's practice is an s-corp, Daniel Peck DDS, Inc. Can we still be friends? haha

Katie said...

Hi Ann I just wanted to say thank you for the CD you made all of us at Andreas shower. I love the music...very good. Thanks!

Ann Marie said...

I don't claim that Nader has ALL the answers, but he certainly has more real answers than any of the major candidates. And I'd like to have over-the-phone conversations with any of you rather than blog posts. my posts are to get information out...not necessarily to attempt deep discussion. I'd be willing to talk on the phone or in person.

ashsan said...

What Obama is doing is classic bait-and-switch politics. He throws in enough good-sounding buzz words or piecemeal reform measures that people fail to see what the whole package actually means for the problem. Saying 'solar' and 'wind' in conjunction with a package that overwhelmingly supports polluters is not green, it is greenwashing. But we are so frothed up by hearing the words that we line up to vote for it. The problem is not merely oil dependence; the problem is a top-down cartel energy economy run by mega-business. If we by and large switch from Big Oil to Big Agribusiness and Big Nuclear, we will not solve our problems. Thirty years later, our dependence on corn ethanol will not only have increased our energy woes, it will have contributed overwhelmingly to the food crisis, and big businesses supporting their bottom line will not bend any more easily than big oil business. Our dependence on nuclear will leave tax-payers funding another subsidized energy economy.

This is what happens when we let ourselves get hyped up by buzzwords and distracted by the politics of the quick fix.

All this is important and compelling information unless you have fallen prey to the ultimate triumph of brand politics: to get you to vote for a candidate NO MATTER WHAT based on a vague feeling of hope (which to be honest, Dee, looks like the position you are in.) If facts do not persuade you and you persist in a delusion, you will be sorely disappointed when the facts outpace the branding.

Dee said...

From the opinion and judgment that you've gathered of me, I see that I've misrepresented myself. I don't see myself the way that you see me, as one who will vote for anyone no matter what or based only on a feeling a hope. I know with absolute certainty that I don't know as much about the oil industry or energy as you do. I'm doing the best I can. Forgive me for supporting who you think is the wrong candidate.

Dee said...

One more thing Ashley,
I agree with Zinn. It's not just about this one vote. I believe that the most important work of all is creating a movement that goes beyond an election season. I'm excited for this election to be over so that we can focus on the great many things we do agree on.

I respect your decision to support Nader and it would be so lovely if I knew that my decision was as respected. Through disagreement I wish we could at least honor each others' intellects. Seems like we should be able to, if we are both free-thinking, open-minded women.

Please continue to send me information because it's very true that up until I enter the voting booth, my decision can change. I admire what you are doing and am always open to the knowledge you have to share.