manifesto monday : a dreamy life


these days i work nine to five in a grey cubicle. if i turn my head one hundred degrees to the right,
slightly kinking my neck, i can see out a window...where i see another building.
it's been a while since i've found myself in this sort of place: punchcard, deadlines, eating lunch at my desk, etc.

as expected, the first few weeks unhinged me a bit, especially the scheduling part--
where did my days go? how would i keep up my creative projects/outlets?
my violin was sadly neglected, and my callouses were on the verge of disappearance.
cooking consisted of toast and smoothies (thank goodness for a vitamix christmas gift).
exercise went from six days a week to two days a week.

i know you've all been there.
grey cubicle.
new job learning curve.
struggle for balance.

the balance is coming.
finally signed up at a yoga studio for regular classes.
making deliberate schedules and time for violin, cooking, and...

starting a business.
which involves: textile vendors in new zealand, a local factory, a pattern maker, market research,
working with designers on branding, and convincing investors that our idea is brilliantly fool-proof.

what is it? for now, i will tell you it is a dream coming to life.
(if you follow me on instagram you'll know more about it).

sweet dreams are coming as i find my way through this sweet life.

happy monday, dear readers. what are you doing to make sweet dreams?


natalie said...

Oh how your post resonated with me, I laughed at your comment about the window overlooking another grey building! I've just started a new job-back in the office 9-5pm and what a struggle it was for the first week! (I haven't worked in an office for over 5 months!). I'm exploring gratitude and just posted a little bit about starting a new job, stress and gratitude! So important to keep up creative pursuits, time connecting in nature and feed the soul with music. The office really can be quite a struggle..I'm determined to make it as good as can greening and warming up the space with plants, oil burner and anything else I can think of to make it more homely. And to try and step away from the desk/computer to give my eyes a rest. My new work colleagues might think I'm a little odd as I stretch and lie flat on the ground for a few minutes each day!

Your new business plans are inspiring.
And I'm convinced we'll both find the balance we are seeking x

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

It always takes some time, but you'll be fine. The new business sounds very interesting, wish you all the best!

Rhianne said...

I've been in a grey office for 4 years now and I still struggle with these things, making time for the things you love definitely helps though :)

Also, your business sounds wonderful and so exciting, good luck!

brooke hammel said...

your blog is my favorite... I love the freedom you've written about in your posts - I crave that freedom but as a mother and wife in a family trying to get back on our feet I feel confined by our circumstances. I did the cubicle thing for 9 years and when I was laid off, it was one of the best days of my life because no longer did I have fear to hold me back from choosing the life I wanted. your blog inspires me to keep pressing forward in hopes of having a life where I can choose what I want, and inspires me to keep choosing to do what makes me feel most free right now... being outside and getting my hands dirty. I understand feeling confined. These seasons are good for stretching us and molding us in ways we never thought possible.

Angy is my name. said...

How exciting!!!! How very very exciting!! I've just caught up on all your news and I wish you all the very best. Now that I know you are on Instagram I'll be following your progress!! Yay!! Whoop! Oh and congrats on becoming and Aunty soon!! ♥♥♥

Inge said...

Wow, I'm so excited to hear this! I'm especially excited because your project involves one of my favorite countries (New Zealand), and something I'm working on myself (textile and patterns). Can't wait to see what it is you're working on!