thinking about today : it's about gratitude, not anxiety


i get anxious about today: what's on my to-do list? are the little things going to effect the big things?
how is today going to change my tomorrow, my future?
lately i've been better about such anxieties, reminding myself that today is simply that, today.
i'm happy to get one thing done on my checklist. i'm happy if i get one thing done that wasn't on my list either. my checklist has grown to an impressive length, and, honestly, i usually get more done than i give myself credit for. i just think it helps to have the expectation of completing one big task. 

so i go about my list as realistically as i can, and i remind myself that my reality is not someone else's reality. i get to choose what's important and what's not. today it wasn't that important to make the bed.
tomorrow i will probably feel differently as i eventually need more order and cleanliness to concentrate on my studies and other tasks.

but, it's true. today is here. tomorrow, never. it's nice to get a lot done today. it's nice to be motivated today. it's also nice to take a nap today, or take time to sit with my little herb garden while the sun is out.

it also helps to have friends willing to take breaks from their busy lives to meet up with you to chat.
this morning i was lucky to have a skype date with my dear norwegian friend, marte {le voyage creatif}.
she's fabulously creative as she is writing, shooting photographs, designing, traveling, studying.
we've both been anxious about a project we're working on together. we never seem to have enough time today, and we worry that today will slip away from us.
but after our morning chat i am quite confident that today is always here. it will never leave us.
if it doesn't happen today, it will eventually happen today.

meanwhile we're both on happy paths to where we want to be. exciting paths. challenging paths. unknown paths. 

i for one am grateful for today, exactly as it is, incomplete checklist and all.
because i have completed part of my list, and have truly enjoyed this day.
onward to another today.


Alexa said...

You couldn't be more right. To be present, and to acknowledge that all we have is THAT, is really an immense challenge- but necessary. I for one need to be better about this. Sitting at my computer- going through historical documents all day can be frustrating- especially when Spring is upon us, (even here in Canada). Thank you so much for this post! Happy Spring :)

julie said...

this post made me smile...i constantly write to-do lists, usually way beyond what i can actually fit into one day & find at times they just weigh u down...this week i have decided to take a step back, do some of the little things, but find more time (even 10 mins a day) for pure creative joy....sometimes u just need to stop & breathe...& if the bed doesn't get made, it won't stop the world!! xxx

Melynn said...

So many of these same thoughts have been on my mind lately. I find it difficult to know if I am making any kind of progress when I am not able to see exactly what I have done. Thanks for the thoughts. Have a good day.

RetreatingAndAdvancing said...

That's a nice quote. I'm still too often living in the future instead of the present.. I definitely have to change that! Today is today.