a tradition : first snow celebrations & a winter picnic


when i was in high school i accidentally started a tradition.
i got my driver's license in the middle of october,
and was loving my new-found freedom...
especially when i realized on the first day it snowed that
i could drive up the canyon listening to a playlist {on tape!}
filled with songs that got me excited for the fall/winter season to begin.

after that first year, i simply continued this tradition of driving
up my canyon to see the beauty of snow dusting autumn leaves,
to feel the chill in the air, to see my breath and know that i was alive,
and to see smoke coming from chimneys of small houses at the
mouth of the canyon.

there used to be a little food shack at the top of the canyon
called the "kickstand cafe" where i would stop and get
some hot cocoa and a peanut butter/banana/honey sandwich,
and a ginger-molasses always hit the spot.

when i was dating ceej i allowed him to join me on my traditional
first-snow drive...and he's been coming every year since...

every year, except for those few years we lived away from the mountains.
i'm so grateful we're here this year to keep up the tradition.
this time, with the kickstand cafe gone, i brought our own eats:
hot cocoa, marshmallows, and grilled tomato & cheese sandwiches.

the best day of the year is by far the first snow-fall.
it beats my birthday, christmas, even halloween.
nothing gets me more excited than this.

we're off to visit friends in spring city for the weekend.
can't wait. we'll be enjoying all this cold weather for sure!
how's the weather where you are? any plans this weekend?

{hip, hip, hooray for snow!!!}
{p.s. thanks to desi for featuring one of my photos and for such kind words over on her blog!}


Desi McKinnon said...

i can't believe that it's already snowed. it's...let me check...62 degrees here. not so far, yet another world.

nikaela marie said...

geography is so miraculous. in utah, snow is already here? in the mountains?

I agree, the first snow fall is really something that stirrs the heart! (i remember most clearly how much I ached for it after a year living near the equator with no snow; coming home was pretty spectaular.)

these pic nic looks perfect.

(sorry long long comment!)


Catherine Anne said...

I am so inlove with the beauty, the love and the simplicity of your space.

Nicole said...

Snow is the thing I miss most about living in Texas. I am so glad you are enjoying it.

samantha ramage said...

beautiful pictures and such a sweet tradition! you're making me long for hot cocoa and snow!


Cassie said...

It's wonderful how this sweet little blog post brought back so many memories for me.

I grew up in the Sun Valley (Idaho) area, and though I've never been a winter sports gal, I do remember spending lots of time driving around in the snow, listening to special mix tapes, heading towards the mountains just to soak in the smell of the trees and the hot springs and the snow all mixed together. Lovely, lovely memories.

I love your idea of a winter picnic. As soon as (if) it snows here, I'm going to have to treat my kids to one!

kylie said...

seriously - i love this.
i so wish we could be friends in real life,
we would hang out quite oft.
we have the same interests - and i just love
the way you guys live your life. so full of
fun, adventure, and all outdoors just how i like it.
this is PERFECT on so many levels :)


Anna said...

i love your tradition! snow in the mountains is the best.

LMT said...

I'm just so jealous you guys got snow! Thanks for capturing the big event. I can just hear the crunching steps and I can even smell the sweet winter scent. Thank you! (I really don't know if blogs get much better than yours...)

Ann Marie said...

you should all come visit. really. truly.

Jay said...

winter picnic, how fun! x

tinyparticlesoflight said...

Looking at these pictures makes snow seem like the stuff of fairy tales. It's so warm here still. Almost like reading an enchanting story, I love visiting your world.


G said...

My belief is that life is strung together by a series of golden moments... some people have very few, some more, but these are what make life worth living, and it looks like you've just shared one with us - thank you for that!

Viktorija said...

You're amazing persons. I'm looking at all these pictures and jealous for you of your naturally .

Lollipop said...

this is so lovely...

Inge said...

I'm falling in love with your blog all over again! Can't believe I've been away for so long. Such amazing images of autumn and winter and your words, as always, so well chosen.

Angy is my name. said...

Sadly where I live it does not snow. Well I'd have to drive a number of days to find it atop a mountain. These images are magical - the mood, the joy, the excitement...It's palpable. I shall have to experience a glorious winter through your blog, for here in Perth Western Australia we are getting ready for Summer :-)

annamaria potamiti said...

Love this tradition! What an inspiring blog you have...

Kaylan said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

Annelies said...

As always, love your pics. Can't believe you have snow already, in the Netherlands its raining cats and dogs.

Prefer in pic nic in snow instead of rain ;-)

studio meez said...

I think that's a wonderful tradition! I would love to have a picnic in the snow! Lovely pics!

Cobalt Violet said...

I love it! Fantastic photos too!

sally. said...

These Photos are really really lovely and what a lovely tradition. I hope its ok i posted some about your picnic on my blog. i have credited you but if you'd prefer not i will take it down :)
i have just found your blog too but i am hooked already.

Shokoofeh said...

Ann Marie,
Today I was making this imaginary outfit( and I couldn't stop thinking about you. Really love your lifestyle. :)

Amanda Mae said...

this is lovely. i love everything about it!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

these pictures. are. amazing.