this is what life looks like : gathering with friends for a weekend of autumn


what a perfectly content feeling i have after this weekend.
there's something about gathering with friends at harvest time
when the frost is just outside your door and the grass is golden at evening...

friday night we hopped in the car with one of our favorite couples,
and drove down to the little town of spring city to stay
with another favorite couple in their amazing little home.
they live in the old school house. it's a dream indeed.
they live on an acre of land that is perfectly wild, 
and fruit trees scattered about. i didn't want to leave such peace.

there were many meals together: butternut squash soup, bread,
homemade salsa, heirloom tomatoes, fresh peaches, and ice cream.
i love spending so much time with such good people. 
it makes me feel as if i've walked into a wallace stegner book,
and we will all grow old together, gathering as often as possible.

we walked in a beautiful canyon that has welcomed autumn
and winter has even begun to show its hand.
we stopped by a pottery shop i've been wanting to visit for years
{ceej and i got two perfect little mugs for sipping hot apple cider}
we visited a local pumpkin patch and picked out
our perfect little pumpkins for decorating and eating.
we practiced searching for avalanche beacons in preparation
for the upcoming ski season.
we told ghost stories while eating chocolate chip cookies and milk.

it really truly was perfect.

last night i gathered with some of my favorite women to talk about...
we talked about our own seeking, understanding, questions, desires;
we sang one of my most favorite old irish folk melodies around the piano.
these are my very own "little women" and i couldn't be more grateful
for women who can see and hear and feel what life is all about.

grateful to tears for all of the wonderful people in my life.

hope you had a lovely weekend gathering with those you love.

{photos by me, ceej, and matt}


Elisse Bybee said...

That looks wonderful! Eric and I miss Spring City probably more than anything else in Utah. we are slowly collecting a little bennion pottery collection as well! Beautiful.

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

the perfect poem aligned with the perfect pictures. yes, i think you do live in a novel.

Cassie said...

you all look so comfortable together.

and that setting! picturesque!

tinyparticlesoflight said...

I can feel the love and warmth of your friends amongst the chill and beauty of autumn. The school house is truly magical! And I love love love the bike.


Cobalt Violet said...

What a beautiful time ...
Memories to cherish your whole life. It just looks magical.

(love the pottery!!!)

Mercedes said...

ann is it just me or are you pictures getting better and better. i sort of want copies of all these pictures so that i can put them up on my walls and then live in eternal autumn.

the one of the chair is especially cool.

and i am still on a high from our sacred texts meeting last night too. such wonderful women. tender mercies you all are to me.

much love.

Akvilina said...

Perfect sunlight for beautiful picture moments!!

Unknown said...

You are amazing. I love your weekend, your stories, your friends, your photography. I love it all.

Sabriel said...

i am so blessed to be one of those "little women"! you and yours are truly gems.

A said...

Beautiful pics.

Meghan said...

My goodness! Just stumbled across your blog and I am so excited to become a regular viewer! You display all the things I love about living here in Utah. Beautiful photos. But I must say this post makes me miss my "little women" who are all miles away. No matter how beautiful a landscape is nothing can replace those relationships.

holly jo said...

hey lady. pretty photos of a lovely weekend. i love spending time with you kids. all those handsome husbands my friends have!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through tumblr. It is so beautiful and classy!