you love 'em; i love 'em : w e l l i e s


as soon as the temperatures cooled down and rain was in the forecast,
i got my wellies out of the closet, and was so giddy about it that i had
the urge to line up my pretty i used to line up my 
stuffed animals when i was a wee little one, and i invited them to have 
a "tea party" with me {because none of my six siblings would have one with me...ya, you can feel sorry for me}.
so i lined up my wellies like a proud mama. 

some people have kids; some have dogs. i have boots.
i realized that if i wanted to really show my love and dedication to my boots
they ought to have names...don't you think?

my oldest pair {5 years!} is the green pair. i think if i named them i'd call them "treebeard"
because these boots entered my life and taught me not to be too hasty in life.

the next pair would be my red pair {3 years old...and, oddly, the least worn}.
i think i'd name them "robin" because their color is the color i imagine in my head
that would match the breast of the little bird who shows mary where the secret garden is.

and, finally, the blue pair {2 years old}. i'd name them "little jeans"...just because they're 
just such cute and functional little guys. 

hooray for wellies and wellie-appropriate weather!

{come back later today to see the photos of our first winter picnic...we got snow yesterday...wahoo!}


nikaela marie said...

I love "somepeoplehavekidssomehavedogs...."
yeayyy BOOTS!!

your blog is beauty full.


ps. excited for winter pic nic photos!

Tiffany Kadani said...

I love love love that photo of you! You guys have the best pictures. Always.

Mercedes said...

my wellies and i would like to come to your tea party!

kylie said...

oh how i want a pair!
where does one buy these?
do help :)

tinyparticlesoflight said...

treebeard, the little bird, little jeans....I can't pick my favorite.
I don't have a lot of cause to wear wellies in the central valley of ca where I live but they would be fun just to have. ;)


Angy is my name. said...

When our little family visitedt he Uk for the first time (a LIFE LONG DREAM COME TRUE) we each had our separate little wish list. Mine was simple - drink tea (in the worlds tea drinking capital) and buy a pair of Hunters. Yay! My wish came true (In Inverness of all places?) and I can proudly join you in saying that I too have named mine! (so relieved to meet a fellow Wellie christening gal) I actually named each boot (Hmmm) Duke & Duchess ... why? I feel like royalty when I wear them :-) Thank you for sharing!