shorter days & soup & i'm getting old and cranky


i love the coziness of shorter days...of seeing the sun set as we're sitting down for dinner.
i love putting on another layer when dusk comes to keep me a bit warmer.
and i love soup. i love that i can make a batch and it lasts all week.
i love that i can dip satisfying breads into soup.
am loving these fall days & nights.

on another note, i went to see this incredible woman last night...
after much debate because i absolutely despise the venue it was at.
she was fantastic. i love the combination of her hauntingly beautiful voice
with her rockin''s absolutely incredible. seeing her live was awesome.
but standing in line for an hour in everyone else's smoke,
waiting for two more hours inside, standing {no seats!}, 
and then straining to see her over all the tall heads that kept 
wedging their way in front of me, and trying not to get knocked
over by people who seemed to have lost control of their bodies
was not very fun. i am getting very old indeed.
i'm all about a venue that has reserved seats, starts on time,
and keeps me from having to strain to see beyond a sea
of bodies that is less than coherent....there. you have my complaint.

but she was beautiful. oh so beautiful.
tonight we get to go see this fantastic trio...
and our seats are reserved and everything will be just fine.

happy tuesday!


Caroline said...

Happy Tuesday to you!! That soup looks delicious! And I too love the coziness of shorter days.

Anonymous said...

Happy tuesday to you too.
I am not yet ready for fall, saw too little sunshine this summer, but the soup looks good and the photo's great.

Unknown said...

amazing what you put up with when you are very very young! higher expectations seep in with the years, no? (not that you are nearly so long in years as some of us, ahem! hitting 40 has mean't accepting I like what I like, hip or not! often, um, not!). anyway, so glad you were blown away in the end!xx

Ginny said...

Beautiful soup! I love the fall too, warm sweaters, satisfying soups, and cozy nights with a good book... enjoy the concert (and the reserved seating, I understand completely).

amy said...

I love soup, fall...and getting older :)