when the family came to visit me in oxford


ceej was the first to come see oxford...he came on my last day of classes
and was there when i jumped/danced for joy after having my final tutorial
with my professor...i did much better than i could have ever hoped for.
the whole experience got me dreaming about a PhD at oxford.

after ceej and i spent a few days exploring the lake district
we drove back (on the left side of the road, remember!) to oxford
to meet up with my sweet mom, my sister, and my brother-in-law.
boy oh boy was that trio jet-lagged! i wonder if they even remember
their whirlwind afternoon tour of oxford (?)

i showed them around lincoln college,
looked at an incredible exhibit of bibles...some thousands of years old,
along with handel's personal copy of the messiah,
saw a shakepeare first folio (no big deal),
we ate ben's cookies, we jumped on a red double-decker tour bus,
ate dinner in an old church vault,
and went to evensong at christ church...this was to be the highlight
of their tour since my mom is a serious organist and i thought
she would enjoy hearing the organ in such a grand building...
you should of seen us all sitting in a row:
sister & her hubby fell sound asleep leaning their heads together
{and sister even dropped her book of hymns!},
at one point i had to grab my mom's arm as she almost
toppled off her bench, and ceej {who was not jet-lagged}
folded his arms and closed his eyes. 
and there i sat in the middle of all this sleepiness,
enjoying that grand organ and choir. 

after evensong we piled in the car
{which could barely fit all of our luggage}
and drove to bath...and i will be showing 
you our day in bath tomorrow.

{happy first day of september...already dreaming of fall and halloween!}


Unknown said...

Looks like you belong in Oxford! At least for a while. If you need a quick fix google the BBC Lewis cop show for the Oxford backdrop!

onesilentwinter said...

oh ann marie, how i enjoyed this series. you look lovely, i never noticed the red in your hair before, beautiful, healthy and gorgeous in the wind!~

Ann Marie said...

Oh yes! They often use Lincoln College for their backdrop :)

the wild magnolia said...

It is a true wonder, your opportunity, and your achievements.

Much more awaits.


Liz said...

It was a fun day... we were so excited to get there! Thanks for the post, I did forget a couple of the things we did...oops, we needed sleep :)

soph // and other things said...

Family visits are the best. I wish I could have gotten to see Oxford while I was in the UK. I did get to go to Bath though and LOVED IT. Can't wait to see your post on it :)

Mizi Moo said...

Aw! I work at the Bodleian! Its magic, isn't it!!
You should come back to do a PhD...