the lake district {part five} : roads or sidewalks? and stone circles...


after the initial shock of driving on the left side of the road,
ceej quickly learned the adventure of driving on the
narrow and winding roads of the countryside...he called it "james bond driving."
i couldn't believe how narrow some of these roads were...and they were two-way!
we were always hoping that we wouldn't run into a car coming the opposite direction...
that only happened a couple of times and let's just say we're happy we
got the insurance with the rental car. 
i found these little roads to be very walkable and pleasant--a good way to
wander and see things that we would have missed had we been in the
car, concentrating only on the road itself.

one of the other "thrilling" things about this country is that
anywhere we went we were bound to be in the neighborhood of
a stone circle...these things are prehistoric, thousands of years old.
not much is known about them, which makes them all the more interesting, yes?

tomorrow i'll be taking you back to oxford when my family came to visit.
hope you've enjoyed the lake district!


kylie said...

your pictures get more gorgeous every day. i am loving your outfit and the colors/contrast in these photos!

LMT said...

did you just feel perfectly happy while you were here? I really think you two need to go to Iceland. My photographer husband and I LOVE the beauty of it. You two would definitely fill your memory cards and film rolls there! Anyway, thanks for sharing these photos. They have been a perfect escape from my city world.

Ann Marie said...


We totally LOVED England for sure! But I have long be hoping to go to seems like such a magical landscape. Hoping to get there within the next couple of years :)

samantha ramage said...

now that's the kind of countryside novels are written about!


Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow! That first photo is absolutely magical. You need to frame it!

Caroline said...

so beautiful.

Angy is my name. said...

I've just seen Jane Eyre with Hubby and these pictures are so similar to the aesthetic of this sublime film.. thanks for sharing!

jen said...

First, beautiful pictures! Second, are those LL Bean boots you are wearing? I'm thinking of getting me a pair for an upcoming trip we are taking and I just wondered how you like them? Are they good for walking long distances? Are they warm?

Ann Marie said...

Hey Jen!

I LOVE the L.L. Bean boots. You can get them insulated or not...I got the non-insulated b/c I wanted them to be for spring/summer when the temperatures are a little warmer, but I wanted something I could hike in and would keep my feet dry if it rained or was muddy. Make sense? Anyway, they were perfect for rainy ol' England. Hope that helps :)

Cobalt Violet said...

I love all these posts!!! So beautiful -every one!
Gorgeous gorgeous photos!
What lovely adventures you've had!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful!! I've always wanted to go to Europe! What kind of coat is this you have on? It looks so warm!!