derbyshire {part two} : our visit to jane eyre's "thornfield"


our wonderful b&b host recommended we visit haddon hall.
i knew this manor had been used in the bbc's version of jane eyre,
but once i started walking around i had a serious suspicion that
this was also "thornfield" in the most recent jane eyre film.
oh. my. heart. but i couldn't verify it {since i was mistrusting google at the moment}.
what i did know is that i loved haddon hall so much more than chatsworth.
it's so much older {one wall dating back to the 11th century!}
and has more of a magical and mysterious feel. i can totally see
why haddon hall would be a perfect candidate for "thornfield."

a few days later when we were on our flight home, lucky for me,
one of my movie choices was jane eyre!
so my mom, my sister, and i all watched jane eyre and were
having oh so much fun pointing out all of the very places we had been:
in the chapel where the marriage is interrupted, in that large room with beautiful green window panes,
in the kitchen where the servants are busy preparing for unexpected guests,
looking over the countryside where a horse got spooked, and jane desperately runs away,
the large dining hall with beautiful wood panelling, the gardens {the gardens!}, 
the little "house" where rochester finds refuge after the fire, and on and on and on.
so glad we made it here.

watch this little featurette below and see if you can see the similarities between my photos and the movie set


Netti said...

Oh my gosh, I would've loved to see Thornfield in person. Wow. Your pictures are so great! I still haven't seen the most recent version of Jane Eyre! But BBC's version, oh my, best I've seen! Looooove that version so very much. Sigh. Anyway, as always, loving your posts and pictures!

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Oh, this is just dreamy! Love, love this post and loved the movie. Miss you guys;)

onesilentwinter said...

stunning photograohs ann marie!

kylie said...

just magical! LOVE these photos! i totally LOVE jane eyre! i can totally see it. sooo awesome.

Angy is my name. said...

Just recently took in the latest J/E with Hubby and we fell - head over heels - for the location. On our vacation to the UK we never made it to H/Hall so now we have placed it on top of the "to-do" list - TX!
(ps - Splendiferous images)

Tiffany Kadani said...

Wow! And it looks like you guys were completely alone. That in itself is something magical.

Beautiful photos. That bridge over the stream is just heartbreakingly beautiful.

Sarahbeth said...

Love every bit of it. Want to live there now. I love the simple details you captured in a place so ancient and grand - the plate on the table, the thistles on the piano bench - and I adore the picture of the roses. I like old places best too. All the castles I want to visit in Scotland are little more than ruins. Man I would love to visit this place though!

Margelaene said...

I wish I visit this place... It really looks like th eminor described by Bronte.
Thanks for the photoes!

Lauren said...

I love seeing places in movies or on TV that I've been to! Great pictures :)

Ethel said...

Jane Eyre is the only book I've read more than 3 times..thanks for this post. It was beautiful!

Shawna Lemay said...

have just discovered your blog and wanted to say thanks for all the loveliness!