backpacking in the uintas : we made chopsticks and came out dry


last weekend we risked the weather forecast, and headed out to the mountains
to spend our time reading books and drinking tea by a high-mountain lake.
is there anything more lovely than this? i think not.

this area is full of tiny little beautiful lakes around every corner
so we had many choices for our camping spot.
after about four and a half miles we found our place at ibantik lake.
we kept watching the sky as we hiked, hoping there would be no rain
on us...we were especially hoping the thunder-heads wouldn't gather.
lucky us. not one drop. not one bit of lightning. phew.

the tent went up first thing. i like this part best. it's home for the weekend.
maybe it's some kind of nesting instinct.
then the exploring began, walking around the lake, trying not to get
too close to our teenage neighbors across the lake {luckily, they were relatively well-behaved}.

as we began to prep our pasta dinner we realized we had forgotten utensils...
how do you eat pasta with your hands? and dirty hands at that?
ceej's brain to the rescue: we'd make chopsticks.
so he widdled away at a few sticks we found scattered about
and, voila! we had utensils to eat with. 

we bundled up as the sun went down, and laid down on the rocks
to watch the full-moon rise. we lingered as long as i could stand the cold.
then we finally made our way into the tent to play a game of speed scrabble.
ceej and i don't usually like games. but we like one game in one circumstance:
speed scrabble when camping. 
this time we only played one round as it was a long and laborious round:
ceej got all the consonants and i got all the vowels. boo.

sleep came. and i was oh so warm in my sleeping bag.
morning snuck up on us as we slept in a bit.
we heard 4 or 5 raindrops on our tent so we decided
to quickly make breakfast and then pack up camp
to get out before the rain really started falling...

turns out those 4 or 5 drops were all the clouds had for us.
we had a very dry and lovely trip.

this weekend we'll be going to the farmers market,
going to the cabin, biking to the diner for dinner,
and reading, knitting, and maybe watching a movie.
what are your plans for the weekend?


Cassie said...

I'm not ready to give the mountains up for the season, so I think we'll be heading in for a day trip and picnic to check out a new camping spot for next summer (these things become different when you have 3 young children to take along!)

Unknown said...

Beautiful and eerie... are there bears?? Bx

Ann Marie said...


YES, there are black bears in these mountains...but I've never ever (in my 25 years living here) seen one. I don't think I'd ever want to run into a black bear...eek!

Julie said...

Your little weekend trips sound so nice!

I am going to can a bunch of food with my mom this weekend. Really excited to eat tons of fresh peaches and hopefully have a few left to can!

Taylor said...

It wasn't that long ago that CJ was one of the teenage campers that other people avoided at Ibantik lake. Did you guys drink any hot Tang?

Ann Marie said...


Oh man, I laughed out loud! 'Tis true that you and Ceej were once those awkward teenagers...drinking hot Tang?! That's so awesome. Classic.

kylie said...

your little sidebar "blogs that make me swoon" list should include your own, because i am constantly being swooned!

Anonymous said...

amazing adventure. I wish I could do something like this someday. And dreamy, wonderful pictures. I love the sun, but everything looks magical with this light.
That cabin could be a place I could spend the rest of my life in.

chasing lightning bugs said...

lovely. and the chopsticks are awesome!

Liz Stanley said...

oh my gosh this looks incredible! it's making me miss the Unitas. Where is this spot (if you don't mind asking), also where does your husband works that everyone paraglides to work. I should probably just shoot you an email...thanks for your comment today :)

Lauren said...

your pictures perfectly capture the serene mood of the wilderness! these camping pictures makes me ready for fall