derbyshire {part one} : castles & manors


boy have things been busy over i finally bring you
some photos from our days strolling around the beautiful
peak district & the county of derbyshire. good times indeed.

we spent one morning exploring bolsover castle, which is now in ruins.
i think i prefer a ruined much left to the imagination.
it is something quite magical indeed.

an entire day was dedicated to exploring chatsworth.
now, let me explain.
i originally wanted to visit this vast estate thinking it was
mr. darcy's (colin firth's) "pemberley" {because that's what google told me...
that's the last time i trust google}
but, this is not mr darcy's pemberley. this is pemberely.
i was glad to see chatsworth, but truly sad we didn't have time to see the real pemberley.
yet another reason i need to return to this country.

update: so it turns out this is pemberley...but in the 2005 version. which i haven't seen since it first came out.
so i guess i won't start cursing google yet {although there are studies showing that google is making us dumber?}


stephanie claire said...

too beautiful!
and damn that google!

Dianne said...

I.too, liked the castles in ruin. Maybe it is the imagination that draws us to them.

Sabriel said...

this is pemberley from the 2005 version! Still beautiful.

Ann Marie said...

Ah-ha! 2005 version. I know everyone will disagree with me, but the 2005/Kiera Knightly version is my least fave, thus least-viewed so I didn't even recognize it. Now I might have to go watch it just to see Chatsworth on screen :)

Sarahbeth said...

Hi there! - I've been quite a fan for some time - I love your words - your photographs and what you share.

I'm getting to go to the UK & Ireland for the first time next month and I have to say your posts on your time there are making me so giddy!

such a wonderful blog!

Tiffany Kadani said...

Yes! I recognised those statues from the 2005 version as well. Okay, my jealously is through the roof now. All these photos are just magnificent.