camping, camping, camping


last weekend we camped in grand teton national park:
ceej & james climbed the grand {in one day}
while i hiked up cascade canyon.
can't wait to go back.

this morning ceej is packing our gear
{while i eat toast with the most delicious honey butter ever known on this earth}.
we're off to camp near a lake in the uinta mountains.
forty percent chance of rain. could be fun...or, plan b, we'll drive back to the cabin.

more photos of our teton adventure next week.
{plus more photos of our time in derbyshire, and our visit to the manor where
hope you're having a lovely weekend.

{by the way, still giddy from going to the symphony last night:
beethoven's ninth. that ode to joy chorus is truly incredible}


Depsi said...

I could live forever in your blog. I think you've given us the most beautiful view in the universe and the next one is even better!!!! Awesome....

onesilentwinter said...

grand teton, is my very favorite place, although i did not climb it in one day but three, it is one my most memorable hikes. it is beautiful there specially at this time it is quiet. although we stayed in the back country ,we also spend a night at the climbing lodge - where one feel such great energy for fifteen dollars.

Anita said...

Just wonderful...can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

G said...

That picture is stunning... how do you get these epic shots? I'd love to know more about your photographic techniques. Holding a workshop any time soon? :)

Ann Marie said...

I had a little help for this shot...thanks to the smoke from a nearby forest fire there was this beautiful filtering of light.

Then I did a little color balancing in PS.

I used a 35mm lens on my Nikon D90.

I'm thinking a photo workshop would be fun! I'll have to put something together and then I'll let you know :)

Tiffany Kadani said...

That photo is spectacular! Wow!

And Jane Eyre just makes my heart swoon. I can't believe you went there!

Lauren said...

Amazing picture, wow!