a common that inspired wonderland and the prancing pony


last saturday a few of us took a stroll through this common meadow.
it was just what i needed. my brain can really get burnt out spending
hours and days in the library and in some fresh air was perfect.

this area inspired both lewis carroll and j.r.r. tolkien.
can't you see this being the place where alice chases the rabbit,
and where four little hobbits stop to find shelter and meet
up with a wizard (but find a 'ranger' instead?).
i'm starting to see how living here can inspire the imagination.
it's also pretty cool that oxford has a day in which they celebrate
carroll's "alice's adventures in wonderland."
kids and parents get dressed up, bookstores have giant chess boards,
the botanical gardens gets all decked out.
we chose to spend 'alice day' out in the meadow.

the trout inn (aka the prancing pony) has delicious food,
and looks out over the river (which is part of the thames).
it was a lovely afternoon indeed.

headed out to the cotswolds today with my class
and our professor as guide as we do a "church crawl"
studying how to read a church from the early modern period.
should be fantastic!


Anita said...

What lovely photos...I was especially enchanted with the building with bright yellow shutters. I could definitely see how the imagination would be sparked with sights like these.

Anonymous said...

I haven't looked at your blog in a while (sorry) but as soon as I saw the clouds at the beginning of this post I knew that you must be in England!!

Should you find yourself further south and in search of some history - come to the Isle of Wight and have some tea.

Anonymous said...

my favorite is houes buildings, love the garden with the laundry hanging out to dry. everything looks so pretty.

Cassie said...

What a gorgeous canvas for imagination indeed. I'm especially in love with all the stone buildings and the laundry on the line surrounded by flowers. Dreamy.

Dianne said...

Great pictures, Ann Marie. It seems like a pretty good life over there.

Anonymous said...

perfection. :)

Marte Marie Forsberg said...

Oh what a lovely post! So, so beautiful. So happy you get to experience this! :)

Hannah Joy said...

Yay! You made it to my favorite place! We went on a ritual ramble to the Trout once a week while I was studying at Keeble!

amanda jane said...

oh my...this looks magical!

Howie said...

Oh wow. Inspiring place indeed! Great pictures throughout the entire set.